• Batman

  • Spider-Man

65% 20 votes
35% 11 votes

  • first of all batman has a suit that can cut poison ivy's weeds which is six times stronger than spider-freaks and second batman goes against Bane and wins I doubt spider-freak could win at all.

  • 1. Batman uses his growling voice to hide his identity, not to mention it sounds more menacing. 2. Batman doesn't need superpowers, making him more powerful and nothing to fail on him. 3. Peter Parker is a dork who works as a pizza delivery guy while Bruce Wayne is a billionaire playboy 4. Batman has all the woman and money he ever needs 5. Bruce Wayne is a pimp and Peter Parker's been crying about the same girl for 35 years. 6. Batman relies on "his own scientific knowledge, detective skills, and athletic prowess. 7. Batman has a butler. 8. Batman won't go through an "emo phase". 9. When Batman goes through an emo phase, he cries man tears because the love of his life was blown up by his sworn enemy, whereas spiderman gets a gay chirguh haircut and dances like olivia newton john 10. Batman doesn't lose his powers or abilities because he doubts himself... Alfred just kicks his ass back into shape... 11. Batman doesn't live with his Aunt. 12. Batman doesn't have a best friend who becomes his enemy who becomes his friend who becomes his enemy who becomes suspected girlfriend's boyfriend who becomes his ally who helps him save the day because he is too weak to do it himself who becomes his dead friend 13. Batman does not need super-powered friends to take out his enemies... he's a one-man wrecking crew using other people as pawns 14. Batman's costume is way cooler. 15. Batman is like a bat that isn't blind or bound to caves. Spiderman is like a spider without posionous venom, 8 legs or the ability to inspire children's books my making messages in webs. 16. Batman has his own pizza, which spiderman has 30 minutes to deliver or he will get fired 17. Batman doesn't test his powers by waving his wrist and saying "go web go". 18. Batman doesn't get crowd-surfed by a random group of passengers on a train. 19. Very few of Batman's villains are closely tied to Bruce Wayne's life. Therefore, there are fewer opportunities for stupid coincidences and lazy contrivances, like Eddie Brock happening upon the same church in which Spidey is shedding his black suit. 20. Batman traveled the world to understand the criminal mind, while Parker can't get out of the dump he's in.

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Tyler-green says2015-05-04T13:04:07.9900394-05:00
Batman is the hand to hand expert so no! Spider man would not be able to counter batman
Berend says2015-05-09T18:27:17.7883364-05:00
Obviously wankers have no idea that Spider-man is also intelligent and his spider sense is incredibly so the bane to this fight. Spiderman has fought hand to hand experts and reacted to bullets at point blank because of his spider sense. He is also stronger and can roll with Batmans punches to prevent actual damage from effecting him.
AdelaiRickman says2015-05-09T22:43:27.7650741-05:00
I'm not positive that this was a real poll. I mean, for real? Obviously, Batman > Spiderman.

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