• U2

  • Nirvana

25% 9 votes
75% 27 votes
  • They are superior in musical ability, longevity, uniqueness, and lyrical meaning. I am a huge Nirvana fan, but U2 wins.

  • Nirvana grunge gods? Please. Nirvana is manufactured grunge. "I hate Corporate magazines". Come on now, all Nirvana wanted was attention. If you want to see real grunge gods, look up Green River or something. Not the screaming weasel and the 2 cronies.

  • NIRVANA doesn't even make music anymore. U2 is incredible, inspiring, insidious, heartfelt, clever so, so true for all of us that listen. The Joshua Tree is by the GREATEST rock album ever made, and I Still Haven't What I'm Looking For is the greatest rock song.

  • Shame of bands (Nirvana)=Stupid fanboys (Nirvanaliebers).

  • I believe strongly that U2 is far superior when compared to Nirvana. First off, there is the battle of the how long each band lasted. U2 wins this one easily with the fact that they have been going on since 1976 (40 years ago). Nirvana has gone from 1987 to 1984. 40 years is much longer than 7 years if you ask me. Next we need to decide which band had better quality music. I am a U2 fan so I am obviously going to be biased. The way I am going to solve this is by looking at the amount of awards each band won. Nirvana won 12 awards total as a band which is very impressive. However, U2 has won 95. So if we are going by amount of awards won, U2 wins by a land slide. Next I am going to determine the band with better consistency. I will judge this by seeing how many songs each band releases per year on average. U2 has released around 300 songs in their 40 year stretch as a band. This means they release an estimated 7.5 songs a year. Nirvana has released around 100 songs in 7 years. This comes out as 14 songs per year. This clearly beats U2. The last factor I will talk about today is the band's purpose. Both bands started out from high school friends playing music with each other. Nirvana however was a stronger relationship than U2. However, this was just the purpose of Nirvana, jamming out together as friends. U2 is a very big political band though. They also play music to raise money for orginizations like Product Red and One. Because of U2 making more of a difference in the world than Nirvana, I will have to give this one to U2. In conclusion, U2 has better quality, purpose, and has lasted longer than Nirvana. This means that according to these factors, U2 is the better band.

  • i just grew up with U2

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TheExecutor666 says2015-12-04T10:54:14.5351300Z
Shame of bands (Nirvana)=Stupid fanboys (Nirvanaliebers). U2 rules the fucking world.
Caecilius says2016-02-14T05:28:20.4465237Z
Yeah... U2 is also a master of auto tune and fake instruments
ChaseDaAce says2016-05-11T01:20:30.2386124Z
@Caecilius Actually, if you actually watched them play, you'd realize that they don't use any fake instruments at all. It is all tones for guitar. Also, they don't use auto-tune. I guess it's just pretty hard to tell because Bono's voice sounds so good.
amirabbasjelodar says2018-05-25T14:52:17.0546268Z
Fuck all the fucking celebrities that got famous for no logical reasons(like nirvana)

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