Battlefield Vs. Call of Duty

Posted by: derplington

Which of the two do you think is the better game series.

37 Total Votes

Battlefield is Better

You think the battlefield games are better overall.
27 votes

Call of Duty is Best

You think the Call of Duty series is better overall.
8 votes

You Hate Both Games!!!

You really don't like either game.
2 votes
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ZMowlcher says2014-05-20T09:02:57.2246356-05:00
@Digeimasterchief: It also suffers horrible glitches, crashes often, and has terrible weapon balancing. Not too mention, most of the guns are clones of each other.
Digeimasterchef says2014-05-20T09:06:58.8998356-05:00
U huh, just saying.... That only happens in the first few weeks because of server balancing... Also...... You're wrong...... That just proves you've never player BF before.... Most of the guns are clones? Really, I can say the same thing about CoD + CoD has a much much bigger rate to have glitches and crashes AND hacks. That's just me saying though... One more thing, you said " Not too mention"
ZMowlcher says2014-05-20T09:11:04.9742356-05:00
I've played battlefield. I'm also not defending COD, though I've never had a COD game crash on me. Also, me using too and not to is irrelevant to the conversation, pointing that out makes you look like a douche.
Digeimasterchef says2014-05-20T09:14:37.1746094-05:00
Wow, if you have played BF how come you say those things. Please prove me wrong, and me pointing out that doesn't really. I was just trying to correct you so you wouldn't do it later on. Also, please do not curse, it is of bad manners to insult the person who is trying to help you.
ZMowlcher says2014-05-20T09:31:10.1018930-05:00
Douche is not a curse word. The reason I say these things about Battlefield is because it's true. Oh and it throws realism out the window many times. Did you know they put different gravitational pulls on different guns?
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-05-20T10:01:06.7590353-05:00
I love RO2, for Stalingrad!
ZMowlcher says2014-05-20T11:28:43.0994356-05:00
@Comrade_Silly_Otter Knows where it's at.
HokageXShampoo says2014-05-20T12:38:47.6122233-05:00
Battlefield is much better then call of duty . Battlefield is more realistic better team effort and much more customizable guns and vehicles. Cod has alot of none realistic feature and not very good gun stats, also there is a g and range change that happens with a silencer that either weakens the dmg and range or makes it broken. Battlefield also takes more skill , I understand why alot of kids play cod cause its easier for them but if your not a kid an have skill you have to play a skilled game. It's like playing nfl and back door football
SUDDENXD3ATH says2014-07-26T21:32:50.1963111-05:00
BF has a good plan but it ends there. If you get an awful team, you cant one-man-army. In CoD you can control the flow of the match and dictate the outcome if you have the skill.
AnonymousAthiest says2014-10-27T15:33:49.5346481-05:00
The fact that they put different pulls on different guns is actually quite realistic. A guns gravitational pull is based on the dimensions of the bullet, the mass of the bullet, the length of the barrel starting at the chamber, and the bullet velocity. Sometimes it makes a lot of sense when they do it (like the M4 having more drop than the m16. This happens since the M4 is a carbine, and the M16 is an AR (carbines are meant for close-mid ranges, whereas assault rifles are meant for mid-long ranges). This is because the M4 has a shorter barrel than the M16, and therefore is propelled by the gases for less time, because they leave the barrel sooner.

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