Battlefield vs Call of Duty

Posted by: ClaymoreC4

Only people who have played them both should answer and be honest

  • Battlefield

  • Call of Duty

59% 16 votes
41% 11 votes
  • Battlefield! Frosbite game engine made this game with the best resolution rather than Call of Duty. And their storyline was not cliche unlike COD. Too much repetitive scenes and you'd already know what would happen next. And when it comes to multiplayer. Watch out for Battlefield! They're developers are good at what they do.

    Posted by: 28MLZ
  • Less squeaker, large scale destruction, vehicles, and they didn't steal ideas from other companies out of spite for leaving their company *cough* Respawn *cough*

  • More realism by far. Better combat and more team work/organization. I have never seen a battlefield player hop around like a bunny to dodge gunfire. I can't say the same for COD

  • More fun, better multi player, and better story. The only thing battlefield has better is realism (even then still not that great, world at war was pretty horrifically accurately.)

  • I like to have a good time when playing the game. When i played battlefield, everyone was being a tryhard and to me it wasnt all that fun. I still enjoyed the game nevertheless But i found call of duty more fun with a more lively multiplayer. And ZOMBIES! Who doesnt like zombies?

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tajshar2k says2015-06-03T18:48:15.0450426-05:00
Battlefield is more realistic, but COD honestly is more fun.
tehsupertoaster says2015-06-09T14:03:11.0003687-05:00
Tis mostly based on opinion, however technology wise battlefield is better, cod has just been re-hashing the same material for several generations, it STILL lacks vehicles, and therefore has never evolved past standard foot combat (plus battlefield for life) M80, also i don't like getting ear raped by 12 year-olds, and getting quick scoped by solid gold garbage guns ive only ever played cod online for like 12 minutes
Atoz13542 says2015-08-06T01:40:57.8610665Z
Video game. Not supposed to be exactly like real war. It is supposed to be fun. Yes battlefield is more realistic and has beteter graphics. But i got bored of it. Cod is a more lively place filled with squeekers and ragers. So in otherwords, its funny

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