Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton?

Posted by: IndependentTruth

Which democratic nominee would you vote for? (IF NEITHER, DON'T VOTE!)

  • Bernie Sanders!

  • Hillary Clinton!

89% 42 votes
11% 5 votes
  • He is right about everything! If he doesn't run I won't vote

    Posted by: Macfoo
  • I hate Clinton, but I think Sanders would help the Republicans win in 2016.

  • Although I heavily doubt he'll be President, I do like him. Unfortunately America is a tad bit ageist and we don't need "some old guy" in the White House.

  • He's honest, ant-establishment, and fights for free education and healthcare. He's very knowledgeable about his positions and he know how to get free education and healthcare. For education, he's going to tax the very wealthiest people in America, and cut military spending. Education is an investment in the economy, he's not wasting money. For healthcare, he's going to use Medicare, a single-payer, private program. He's our political savior!

  • He is the only honest candidate not bought by the corporations. He is America's only hope!

  • Let the people that go to work every day get a square deal.

  • Actually recognizes the country needs dramatic change and he's going to do it

  • He has been consistent througout his years on policy. He stands for the middle class and america. Theres no baggage from big corporations paying his way through. And his passion is not matched. plus many more reasons.....

  • Bernie Sanders has real ideas and is committed to them. Hillary Clinton changes her mind based on campaign contributions and polling numbers. Remember NAFTA? That has worked out badly for everybody. I'm not against free trade on the whole but I believe that trade policy should be handled by sovereign states according to their own needs and case-by-case negotiations, not by unaccountable international treaty organizations that tie the hands of our countries to the interests of multinationals. Hillary is with the corporate elite. She is Republican lite. Support Sanders! The more support Sanders has the better the American middle class and lower class will do. Even if he doesn't win the nomination the level of support for him will send a message to Hillary that she'll have to be more progressive to attract voters to the polls in November 2016. Vote for Sanders for Democratic Primary Nominee!


  • The best democratic presidential candidate. Because he cares about the people and the issues of the American people.

  • At least she does not want to destroy the country

  • Sanders is too much of a radical for me to be comfortable with. Hillary is much closer to the center.

  • Neither, but at least hilary could be led by her okay husband. She is awful, but at least she has a relationship to a president, what does bernie sanders know about anything, other than that he thinks we should only have one brand of deodorant. Either a person who we can't trust, or a person who doesn't trust himself because he is insane, and old?

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Anonymous says2015-07-06T16:16:36.6470528-05:00
Hillary is actually really bad. Guys like Rand Paul and Marc Rubio seem alot better.
triangle.128k says2015-07-06T19:06:33.6080132-05:00
Clinton is a compulsive liar.
triangle.128k says2015-07-06T19:07:48.8316954-05:00
Doesn't she also support Affirmative Action?
PatriotPerson says2015-07-06T20:03:11.1073791-05:00
Hillary has more scandals than Donald Trump has hair.
MechVarg says2015-07-06T22:18:12.6274642-05:00
Sanders is right on everything except Israel
triangle.128k says2015-07-06T23:17:28.9665423-05:00
@MechVarg Is he pro-Israel?
kkal says2015-07-07T10:48:10.3036600-05:00
He makes sense, has a clear history, says all the right things, is inline with 85%+ of all the people which is why he will never win!!
Anonymous says2015-07-07T19:26:24.2993117-05:00
He was advocating for gay marriage 20 years before it was legalized!
greatkitteh says2015-07-08T07:57:26.1542486-05:00
There isn't Any Denocrat Worse then Hillary Clinton. I rather Vote Kim Jong Un ij office, At least he doesn't run in scandals And Break the laws on a Monthly basis.
youthsearchingtruth says2015-08-07T23:25:00.8631857Z
I am not for Bernie more than I am against Hillary. She comes across as manipulative and her voting records prove she doesn't say no to war. Her policies are bought by businesses she protects, and her votes are bought by catering to people's lowest desires (using Kim Kardashian as an ad, using kittens in her ads, refusing to answer key questions such as her stance on the Keystone XL Pipeline, switching her views on gay marriage with what's popular). It's not wise to trust a politician - and it's national suicide to trust Hillary Clinton. She is under an FBI criminal probe regarding classified information! She is a threat to national security and she is a threat to a peaceful future. Look at her voting records and tell yourself and your kids that she is not a warhawk
MasturDbtor says2015-10-22T17:46:33.5167900Z
@ Jack_David When did Sanders ever say we should have only one brand of deodorant?

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