Bernie Sanders vs Hillary Clinton

Posted by: SamStevens

Who would you vote for?

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Bernie Sanders

70 votes

Hillary Clinton

9 votes
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Berend says2015-10-12T23:48:39.4991368Z
Bernie has had better plans and tried to speak for the people. Hilary has done hardly anything but pander to the common denominator of her party, such as "fighting for women" simply for votes. This is proven by her actually stealing ideas and tactics of others in her party the moment she was starting to be beaten. She is also a HAWK and no better. She is not really a left side runner, she is more of a centrist, in my eyes. Bernie is not perfect, but 100x better than Hilary.
Berend says2015-10-13T00:00:52.1158418Z
I should add, I'm not saying fighting for women is wrong, but with Hilary's background, I'd be skeptical she is doing it because she genuinely cares. Similar to politicians kissing the Latino butt to get their votes, and the black votes. IT comes off as swaying a majority group.
triangle.128k says2015-10-13T00:25:04.3835530Z
Is anyone else unable to add comments to their vote?
SamStevens says2015-10-13T00:44:13.0533487Z
I can't add a comment to my vote either... Buggy polls...
imabench says2015-10-13T01:09:03.1430974Z
You might have constructed a poll in a way that it doesnt let people leave comments with their answers
SamStevens says2015-10-13T01:10:51.8877001Z
Imabench, that may be the case although I do not recall changing any options to prohibit commentary from the voters.
triangle.128k says2015-10-13T01:12:22.9985407Z
@imabench Is that even possible?
imabench says2015-10-13T01:14:42.8552302Z
Im fairly certain but now that I am looking at the 'make a poll' screen I dont see an option. It might be a bug after all
Wylted says2015-10-13T02:01:08.1015916Z
If people hate America so much that they'd vote for a democrat, why do they even live there?
DLHoneycutt says2015-10-13T18:22:04.4942380Z
barryeod1 says2015-10-28T00:08:10.6494043Z
Hillary is for the big banks. She has no intention of representing the American People.
bjoh249 says2016-01-05T23:00:44.4725683Z
Bernie Sanders is an old communist.
benschroeder43 says2016-01-28T14:40:55.9962316Z
Hillary will have trouble getting her policies through a republican congress. Bernie, on the other hand, through his political revolution, and clearly shown by his amazing numbers of rally attendees, will have a more likely chance to have a democrat congress on his side than a republican. Clearly he is more able to move his voter base, and insight enthusiasm within his voter base.
Tambythegiant says2016-02-10T21:33:20.1666412Z
Bernie is incredible, his gift is nothing short of astounding attacking others whil;e pretending to be the victim is an awesome plan that seems to be killing it, my questions are when his policies double the debt in the first year of this office, and the banks separate, giving more money to the bank ceo's sanders voted to bail out in the first place, how is a richer rich that is completely subverted from p[paying any taxes going to be any amount subjected to a 90% tax increase? Sanders taxes will not only eliminate the middle class, they will kill millions of poor people, and a raiseo n the minimum wage only causes inflation, it won't be until the bankers Sanders are the GOP are working for are held responsible that we can break this frozen political climate.
reece says2016-02-16T12:31:14.8938974Z
@Tambythegiant I don't normally ask for links, but...
reece says2016-02-16T12:42:01.0968397Z
I'm pretty sure that's the baa of establishment propaganda.
reece says2016-02-16T13:02:09.8549881Z
@Tambythegiant I'll start... I'm sure i can find more issues the countries top economists (people who know what they're talking about) support Bernie on.
benschroeder43 says2016-02-17T06:16:04.7383029Z
@Tambythegiant I'm not so sure where you're getting that data from... Here are his expected income tax brackets: http://i.Imgur.Com/drfyv82.Png
benschroeder43 says2016-02-17T06:16:34.1912917Z
@Tambythegiant I'm not so sure where you're getting that data from... Here are his expected income tax brackets: http://i.Imgur.Com/drfyv82.Png
Alice062993 says2016-03-25T06:12:43.5570979Z
He is the most suited to the job. He has a strong history of being consistant. You can look up videos in the 1980's and he has been fighting for the same things, unlike Hillary who is wish-washy. He really wants to help us. He has not lied, like every single other candidate. The media has been giving him a black out, but in reality, he is quickly catching up to Clinton.
DaltonDeter says2016-06-28T18:31:27.9747644Z
I hate both of them they both are horrible! Sanders will tots make "free" college right? NO!!!!! If it comes from our mother fricking taxes its not free!!!

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