• Hunger Games

  • Twilight

95% 54 votes
5% 3 votes
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Skeptikitten says2013-10-23T22:46:52.4026954-05:00
This is like asking what is better, a kiss on the cheek or the ebola virus.
poonskie says2013-10-23T23:15:20.6013183-05:00
This question doesn't have an answer.
rammstauffenberg says2013-10-23T23:15:43.5309201-05:00
Pretty much
bigdave says2013-10-24T00:04:56.5424981-05:00
For those of you with poor reading comprehension, it should be comparative better not superlative best.
Amaz3Balls says2013-10-24T00:18:44.4931359-05:00
The hunger games duhhh!!!!!!!!!
redsox says2013-10-25T08:55:14.4550679-05:00
Exactly what poonskie said This question doesn't have an answer.
kitkatz says2013-10-26T21:19:34.9688561-05:00
Harry Potter.
UltimaxNerdO-O says2013-11-02T15:37:01.0995692-05:00
Harry Potter best Movie^
ruthpumarejo says2014-08-28T23:57:26.9809258-05:00
This isn't a question
CatchyMalice says2014-10-16T12:12:13.1079823-05:00
Hunger games was trash, Twilight is just worst trash.

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