Best use for militant feminists after a global economic collapse?

Posted by: cludwig

7 Total Votes

Meat on the grill to feed your hungry family

2 votes

Target practice to hone the hunting skills of your wife and kids

2 votes

They should be stuffed and mounted by taxidermists as a reminder as to who destroyed civilization

1 vote

They should be burned as fuel to generate precious electricity

1 vote

Slave labour in the fields to grow food for more useful and important citizens

1 vote

I consider this poll to be hate speech because I am too stupid to understand what satire and humor is

0 votes

This poll is seriously triggering me causing me to need counseling and intensive therapy that may last decades

0 votes

Finally, feminists will be able to replace the mythical patriarchy with their own matriarchy

0 votes

They should continue to be pampered and spoiled with free resources but required to contribute nothing (just like now)

0 votes

They should be made leaders of the new world because of their high moral values and intelligence

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Anonymous says2016-05-30T21:04:11.2990960Z
What should we do with Militant MRAs? This poll is ridiculous.
cludwig says2016-05-30T21:26:11.8332904Z
I encourage you to start your own poll regarding what to do with Militant MRAs KRTxBallistic. Being that I am not a MRA (despite your indirect assertion and false assumption), I don't particularly care.
Anonymous says2016-05-30T22:41:38.2882076Z
It's always funny when MRAs claim they aren't MRAs.
cludwig says2016-05-30T22:50:19.1231518Z
So now apparently I am a liar KRTxBallistic. Last time I checked, I have never been a member of a MRA movement or group, never attended a MRA conference or rally, and never even been a subscriber or made a single post to any such website or youtube channel. But because you made the assertion KRTxBallistic, it must be correct? Would you like to make any other false assertions or gross generalizations? I will avoid doing so about you because I don't wish to appear ignorant and condescending.
Anonymous says2016-05-30T22:57:23.5138667Z
You don't have to be a member, attend conferences or rallies, or be subscribed to people who have on youtube to be an MRA. If you believe in MRA ideas, make MRA style troll polls, you're an MRA. You don't have to be a member of the KKK, or any other racist movement or group, to be a racist. Not comparing, or saying you are racist, just making a point.
cludwig says2016-05-30T23:01:20.0766622Z
If it makes you feel better to lump the entirety of me as a human being into a three letter category then go ahead. Seems like an awfully small, petty and limited way of categorizing and processing the world if you ask me.
Anonymous says2016-05-30T23:06:18.0111916Z
I'm associating your opinion on feminism with MRAs. That's pretty much all I can do.
cludwig says2016-05-30T23:23:59.2371994Z
What you may find interesting is I haven't had any personal negative experience with militant feminists (or any kind of feminism), nor do I even personally know any militant feminists. I am not bothered by their existence or opinions, and they have not negatively impacted my life in any way shape or form (for instance, I have never been divorced and am happily married). The two areas I don't have a fondness for are political correctness and big government. As such, my motivation for creating these two polls may not be what you assume it is.
Anonymous says2016-05-30T23:31:30.4914772Z
Sorry. I've been on YouTube too much(and we all know what most YouTube debates devolve into), and I've developed an intolerance for MRAs, and people that try to shit on feminism.
cludwig says2016-05-30T23:34:50.0349145Z
I have never been in a debate (and nor will I ever) on Youtube as some of the filthiest and vilest things seem to come out there.
cludwig says2016-05-30T23:46:35.1996751Z
I'm glad we have arrived at a place of peace on this KRTxBallistic, and thank you for sharing with me where your frustration was coming from (MRA and youtube). I hope you understand that my interests and concerns center around free speech and the dangers of political correctness, whereas feminism is of little personal concern to me.
Fernyx says2016-06-04T02:00:02.7385961Z
+KRTxBallistic anti-feminism is not MRA, otherwise 93% of Brits and 82% of Americans are MRAs

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