• Osama

  • Adolf

53% 8 votes
47% 7 votes
  • Not as many countries (or lives) were affected by him… so yeah. They're both bad though, but if I was forced to choose, I would go with Osama

    Posted by: Itani
  • Hate both guys, don't get me wrong, totally 100% against both of them, glad neither of them are still around, but Osamas really more fun to say.

    Posted by: Dumbo
  • Osama, O-S-A-M-A O Ordinary S Smart A Amazing M Manly A Asthetic Adolf A Ass D Dick O Olive L Lard F Fucker

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That1User says2014-11-26T20:53:29.7700138-06:00
What about Joesph? That's a good name, nothing evil about that.
KitKat1997 says2014-11-26T20:54:39.5890216-06:00
Minus Joseph Stalin.
alisawang says2014-11-28T00:09:55.5145469-06:00
What about Kim :D

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