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PetersSmith says2014-08-13T23:18:53.6451784-05:00
Most of the conservatives are going to vote for Reagan and most of the liberals for Roosevelt. Otherwise they're just going to vote neither.
texans14 says2014-08-13T23:24:37.3043443-05:00
@discomfiting, that comment is truly horrible. Reagan wasn't friends with terrorists, didn't commit treason, and didn't hate freedom. What he did do was end the Cold War, lower both inflation rates and taxes, create twenty million new jobs, and fix the mess that Carter left us in. He was also a very honest politician. You may think Roosevelt was a better president, but you can't deny that Reagan was also a great president.
discomfiting says2014-08-13T23:26:22.7962777-05:00
:~) okay texan
dmussi12 says2014-08-14T00:00:54.4703790-05:00
This is really tough. I feel Roosevelt was the better president but Reagan would do better in today's setting. But in the end I don't really want either's policies right now. There's no Depression and no Cold War.
Kaiser100 says2014-08-14T00:45:07.2123966-05:00
Dmussi12: It's fine, that's why I added the neither option. But what past president would you pick for today?
SweetTea says2014-08-14T03:37:50.3824845-05:00
Texans14 ... I voted for Reagan & I agree with much of what you said to discomfiting. But ... Iran-Contra happened on Reagan's watch. It was, without a doubt, the closest any administration has come to high treason. Many scholars would argue it WAS high treason. During his first term, a 30-year fixed-mortgage came with an 11% interest rate. A new car had interest rates that, at one time, were 16%. That is not financial utopia, for most Americans. Reagan raised the debt ceiling 18 times in 8 years -- OUCH! Part of our debt today is from his administration. As for comparisons to Roosevelt ... Reagan WAS NO Teddy or FDR! He was a good President -- probably in the Top 10. But Reagan's era will forever be tarnished by Iran-Contra that he "allowed" to happen! Http://www.Politifact.Com/truth-o-meter/statements/2011/jul/26/barack-obama/obama-says-reagan-raised-debt-ceiling-18-times-geo/
discomfiting says2014-08-14T15:35:52.1499416-05:00
Texan really? Is that why Reagan increased national debt from 900 billion to 2.8 trillion dollars? He fixed a mess and created an even worse one. Every president to use reagaonomics since Reagan has increased debt rapidly while the only democratic president to increase national debt since Truman was Obama. If I'm not wrong, conservatives commonly call Obama and people who support control to "hate freedom" because they support gun control-- news flash: Ronald Reagan supported the ban on assault weapons and even the Brady Bill. Ronald Reagan was bad at understanding long term economics and how to invest within communities but he also had illegals pouring in WORSE than Obama does. FACTS: the average # of illegals coming to america per year during Reagans era was a little over 1,000,000 immigrants. When he took office, the number of illegals coming into the US per year were lower but hundred thousands. Compared to Obama whose average # of illegals is about 417,000. Per year. When you're a leader or a boss, you are responsible for what happens in your dojo. If you're a parent and your minor child gets in trouble, the weight falls on you. If you're a boss and your employee screws it, it's your fault. Whether you believe Reagan knew about it or not, it happened under his presidency and it is his responsibility that his administration did that. Note: Ronald Reagan actually raised taxes....Several times... 1.) 2.) 3.)

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