Big Bang vs. God

Did the Big Bang or God cause the universe to come into being?

  • Big Bang

  • God

52% 45 votes
48% 42 votes
  • You can believe in both, of course, but it will always be science for me.

  • Evidence.

    Posted by: MrJosh
  • This is a joke, right?

  • Honestly, god hasnt done anything for me so i would say science.

  • LOL

  • 1. I'm atheist 2. If there is God, why would he even think of making a big explosion in the first place?

  • there is no proof that a god made everything there is proof for science I prove my point

  • the big bang theory is a point space with all the mass and energy all ready in it. Another thing energy can be created its called E=Mc^2 also here is a small *cough* *huge* *cough* flaw in the creationist theory. So I was arguing with another idiot over the creation of the universe and the idiot said to me the universe couldn't of been made from nothing it had to be made by god (WHO CAME FROM NOTHING).

  • big bang stops the god.

  • I think God created the big bang. . .

  • You can believe in both, of course, but it will always be science for me.

  • What if God created the Big Bang

  • I agree with Akshay333 if god created the big bang we could meet this debate half way and we wouldn't have to worry about continuing this debate for all eternity, and to Mrjosh what evidence it would help if you specify. In addition to what has been said in the last statement all evidence can be negated if you remember that god created the earth the way it was so you can technically say that god planted the evidence so we can create an opinion of our own.

  • I believe in god, i believe god made the big bang happen.

  • There could not have been a BIG BANG because the law of the Conservation of Energy states that energy CAN NOT be created or destroyed! Also, gravity was not just......... THERE!!!!!! How are our planets so perfectly round if it was an explosion? From what I know, from personal experience of course, is that things are not created by exploding! They are destroyed!!!!!

  • GOD caused 'big bang' !!

  • I think God created the Big Bang

  • Human cannot understand God's knowledge and his love.

    Posted by: Chilal
  • If God isn't real, and "hasn't done ANYTHING for you", why're you still alive. There is something wrong with us all, all religions agree. We all deserve to die for our sins but God is merciful.

  • if it's a choice between: 1. lose everyone you love, everything you have built and achieved, forget all your life lessons and wisdom, experience nothing ever again, no more conscience (seems pointless). 2. Accept Christ , avoid death, live forever in paradise where pain and suffering doesn't exist ..... To me it's crazy that people don't accept / believe in God. Read the Bible with an open heart and he'll show you he exists.

  • "Your faith is a knowledge within the heart beyond the reach of proof" Khalil Gibran. The big bang theory contains many flaws and is just as much a mystery as god is Thats why instead of being a scientific fact its considered a theory.

    Posted by: Najaha
  • In the beginning there was nothing and it exploded "yeah right"

  • if u believe in god you will pick this one. Either way maybe god made that explode.

  • "The Big Bang is god breathing the universe."

  • What is Faith? Faith is the assurance of thing hoped for the conviction of thing not seen. we all think believing is seeing, that is why we chose the big bang our God. we blame our pain and suffer on God because we think that he doesn't like but he gave us suffering because he is doing this for our own good. we catholic's are different we live by faith and not by sight. if we believe, we will not have any doubt in God because we trust in him. God has given us many things to help us to believe in him and we chose to reject it. This proves my point

  • The Big Bang makes no sense at all. If the Big Bang created the universe, where did all the matter to create the explosion come from? Exactly. That's my point, so go f*ck yourselves you god hating, tree hugging atheist motherf*ckers.

  • Why is there pain? Why is there sickness,death? Because we sinned in the garden of Adam and Eve.So look oaround you why is everything so incredibly made? Nature ?why is the human body so interesting that our heart beats every second?There has to be a creator and that's God

    Posted by: Caseo7
  • big bang theory is fake because how do you get something out of nothing.

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Juan_Pablo says2013-09-17T18:51:14.6063156-05:00
The Big Bang and God are not mutually exclusive answers for the origin of the universe.
Krieg01 says2013-09-25T23:40:39.3165911-05:00
I don't believe in either of them.
xZinio says2013-12-07T20:57:36.3102400-06:00
I don't believe there is a god and I also don't believe in the Big Bang. Need one more option saying Neither.
dragonslayer926 says2013-12-09T00:44:21.0395081-06:00
There is the possibility of the Big Bang theory creating God...
STALIN says2014-01-09T19:27:42.0707689-06:00
STALIN says2014-01-09T19:28:02.2216373-06:00
Cat_Lover says2014-04-11T00:17:41.8753332-05:00
Dragonslayer, I'm pretty sure theories cant create things accept arguments.
RyanLizard69 says2014-06-24T18:09:04.7806899-05:00
God made EVERYTHING and he's not going tell you how he did it because that would be boring, nor is he going to prove he exists because then there'd be no faith. I cannot even comprehend not existing or not experiencing consciousness because i'm dead forever - absolutely pointless..... GOD is real, accept Jesus, Live forever...
blueporkbarrett says2014-12-02T17:28:24.5654825-06:00
Why are so many Christians leaving comments that have nothing to do with the origin of the Universe?
HereForScience says2015-02-08T16:03:22.2623398-06:00
I guess this feed is to old for anyone to have read about the proving of gravitational waves. We traced a wave back to a trillionth of a second after the Big Bang, so that should be proof enough to anyone open minded to accept science.
arjoy_14 says2016-08-03T05:25:48.3006518Z
GOD created us and the world
Taust says2017-02-04T06:11:07.1125091Z
This entire debate is a false dilemma. The options are not mutually exclusive, but you're not allowed to choose that they are both true. The Big Bang is true, but what caused it? God. Why is there no option for this?
ellehciM says2018-11-20T18:01:05.4885282Z
I think God created the big bang

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