Bloodborne or halo?

Posted by: deathwish188

Note: halo the master chief collection is already fixed

  • Bloodborne

  • Halo

20% 2 votes
80% 8 votes
  • Ya know, its sad, but I've never played the first Halo. I've seen gameplay for Bloodborne and it looks quite promising, though it looks about the exact same as Dark Souls. I don't know, something about the monster genre just gets me hyped. :D

  • Bloodborne vs halo isnt really a question. Both games are completely different which means one game cant top the other in something other than graphics. Halo has a much larger fan base but this question is opinion based and biased therefore its not a very good debate

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Cheesar9201 says2015-11-04T20:25:57.1305919Z
The peopel who picked halo are obviously halo fans and probably never played bloodborne yet a havoc game, they just say no competition. Bloodborne has a smal fanbase due to the type pf game, bloodborne is a fast paced game that is very difficult and time cinsuming. Halo is a shoot it up first person game and is still very fun but both games have nothing in common so there isnt anything to debate about

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