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  • Books can teach you a lot of lessons in life and even though video games are exciting, books are even more exciting as you read through the suspense and try to guess what happens.

  • Books tell more stories than games. Games are more violent.

  • In my opinion, books are more readily available and come in all sorts of genres. And If you read 30 min each night you expose yourself to over 20000 words each year

  • Books provide intellectual enhancement and entertainment for all ages. Anyone can read a book and learn from it. Whether they learn new words, new concepts, or just get brain stimulation in a way that is not harmful, books help. Prolonged screen-time can provide an increase in vision problems. The problem with video games isn't lack of mental stimulation, the games keep your brain on its toes. It's the fact that people spend too much time on games instead of living life. A book can be brought to a restaurant while waiting for a date, can accompany you to work for your break, or be picked up at home during down-time. They provide a story line that people can relate to and be entertained by, with inquiries and inferences that stimulate important parts of your brain and make you think.

  • I read and play video games. The former is more enlightening and when I finish a good book (which, sad to say, is rare nowadays with so much bad fiction populating the market), I feel I have done something worthwhile with my time. With video games, I am wasting time, but that can be a good thing, too. There is an immediate satisfaction and stress relief that comes from playing video games, and after a long day at work, I need at least the stress relief. I reserve reading for the weekends, when the non-work portion of my day feels longer than 10 minutes.


  • Video games stimulate the brain more than books do. however books stimulate thought.

    Posted by: Hyde1
  • i prefer video games to books because of these reasons 1. In video games you can control vehicles 2. You get weapons to shoot monsters with 3. You can play and chat with friends in video games now compare that to books: Can you control vehicles in books? Can you shoot monsters with weapons? Can you play and chat with friends? No you can't

  • video games and books both offer an escape from reality. The difference is that one is fun and the other is a tedious school assignment

    Posted by: GrantW
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bdog931 says2021-10-11T23:42:24.3014390Z
This is a really tricky one, And I'm surprised I couldn't find more studies. For me it's obvious reading benefits cognition in terms of vocabulary but also in terms of ideas. Video games aren't entirely without their merit. I've always loved games and believe that they sharpen our senses. However, Considering the stereotype of the intellectual, I'd have to say that there's more to books than to video games. This surprises me, And I'd love to hear a satisfying answer.

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