Boycott CNBC

Posted by: emporer1

Following the clearly biased and immature actions of the moderators during the 3rd Republican debate, should CNBC be boycotted.

  • Yes

  • No

93% 14 votes
7% 1 votes
  • It should already have been boycotted. But hey, FOX Business will embarrass them when they host the next GOP debate.

  • boo-hoo, the "lame stream media" is picking on us. Black people and Hispanics are just being bought by democrats. How about you grow the he11 up and get your party back to sanity!

    Posted by: TBR
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briantheliberal says2015-10-30T20:41:49.2159440Z
CNBC is a joke, just like MSNBC, CNN, and the biggest joke of all FOX News.
MakeSensePeopleDont says2015-10-30T21:11:44.8914912Z
@briantheliberal -- You're a pretty pessimistic individual. Every time I see a post from you it's about how horrible everything is with no positives at all. So I have to ask...What isn't a joke in your view? I'm honestly just curious...Not meaning to bash you there, I'm just curious on your positive views.
briantheliberal says2015-10-30T21:14:11.7310919Z
MakeSensePeopleDont, So..? If you look around more maybe you'll find something positive.
stargate says2015-10-30T21:34:18.7479264Z
BBC world news.
MakeSensePeopleDont says2015-11-03T01:29:13.6720848Z
@TBR -- I know we disagree on just about everything. I understand we are pretty much polar opposites on domestic politics; but I would think we would at least agree on something this bad. I mean this has nothing to do with being picked on, it has nothing to do with race, it has nothing to do with "minorities" being "bought" by Democrats or anything along those lines. It is purely about how disrespectful the moderators were not just to the candidates, but more importantly, displaying 2 hours of the utmost disrespect to the American citizens...On BOTH sides of the isle.
TBR says2015-11-03T01:38:15.8219634Z
It wasn't nearly as bad as it's being made out. My point stands, conservatives are acting like the biggest babies. "Its all the medias fault!" "We would win if Obama hadn't given every black person in America a cell phone!" Just get over yourselfs and actually bring something to the table. Or, you know. Shutdown the government over PP. Whatever trips your trigger - just don't expect to win the general.
MakeSensePeopleDont says2015-11-03T02:19:56.0504565Z
@TBR -- Well, using your rebuttal, would that debate not have been the perfect place for Democrats / Liberals to put the Republican candidates on the spot? Republican candidates could have been seriously grilled on these topics that Democrats continually claim Republicans have no answer for...Was that not the perfect opportunity to put them on blast? Was that opportunity capitalized upon?
SnaxAttack says2015-11-03T02:35:55.8836736Z
I agree that the CNBC Moderators were being rude; however, this benefited certain candidates as well as picked out the ones who can handle criticism from the media well. A true leader would not let this bother them, but just to move on with their plan. Look at the greatest presidents in the past, they got criticized yet they still became great. Examples include Abraham Lincoln on giving African-Americans freedom, and FDR for helping out of the Great Depression. Criticism shouldn't be the result in whining, it should result in seeing a leader shove off that criticism. The CNBC Moderators were rude, yet this shouldn't infringe on the candidates; especially when running for our country's leader.
TBR says2015-11-03T02:39:06.0126849Z
Yea, and again, I don't think every question was some bait. Just because not one of the fools could answer for the issues with their tax plans is NOT the fault of the moderators.
MakeSensePeopleDont says2015-11-03T03:37:53.7939705Z
@SnaxAttack -- That is where the miscommunication seems to set in. Criticism is one thing, but things like "Mr. Trump, is this a comic book campaign?" and "Senator Rubio, a newspaper said you hate your job; do you?" or Mrs. Fiorina, the guy that fired you previously, recently said you would be a good president. He also recently stated that rich people should have more votes than poor people. Is this the type of person you want defending you?" || I mean what does any of that....Or about 90% of the debate have to do with domestic economics?
MakeSensePeopleDont says2015-11-03T03:41:07.6276980Z
@TBR -- It was a two hour debate...Moderators wanted it to be three hours long. Yet that one question about the taxes was the only one on point that I have read so far (still reading annotated transcript...Just so hard to stay focused on it). The rest were....A waste of breath IMHO.
TBR says2015-11-03T03:41:26.9252691Z
Way to miss the actual question, right? Here was the part you don't bother to include ""Mr. Trump, you've done very well in this campaign so far by promising to build a wall and make another country pay for it, send 11 million people out of the country, cut taxes $10 trillion without increasing the deficit, and make Americans better off because your greatness would replace the stupidity and incompetence of others,..."
MakeSensePeopleDont says2015-11-03T03:55:15.8473909Z
@TBR -- But that entire part had nothing to do with the question. Watch this: || "Mr. TBR; I see that you believe the GOP debate on CNBC was great and spot on. However, in every bipartisan poll taken from every mass media medium, the large majority of Americans on both sides of the isle thought the moderators did not perform their responsibilities and ruined the debate choosing instead to focus on off topic attacks. Mr. TBR, are you a comic book community member?" || See, that started at your opinion of this very specific topic...Great start....Made a fair comparison between your views and the majority's views....Even better lead in; this is a perfect setup...Then in the blink of an eye it switches to asking who you feel you are within the community. || See the whiff?
Haroush says2015-11-04T12:24:43.9198686Z
Snaxattack didn't just have a miscommunication problem, snax was purposely attempting to undermine an entire political party just like the rest of them who say something similar to that. The worst part is someone like Obama attempts to further the divide between political parties by injecting untrue and ridiculous judgements upon the entire Republican party despite he is supposed to be a leader. What is a leader? Someone who works with both sides of the isle and creates more understanding between opposing political parties. A leader isn't someone who divides Washington and the people of the United States further and further possibly to the point mass civil unrest. Only a terrorist would want to do something like this to this nation. Lastly, how many presidential interviews has Obama done with Fox News? Forget comparing his number of interviews done with other news agencies.. Before dishing out criticism take a look at your own unwillingness to deal with critics yourself Obama. P.S. At least George Bush was opened to taking on criticism almost all of the time unlike this pansy president.
SnaxAttack says2015-11-04T23:53:18.0508419Z
@Haroush First off, I'm not trying to undermine any political party. I'm just pointing out the fact that they are taking this criticism over the top. Were the moderators rude, yes; however, this shouldn't be that big of an issue. Once more, a true leader would not whine about this, but to just take it like a grain of rice.
SnaxAttack says2015-11-04T23:55:23.7080364Z
@MakeSensePeopleDont Once more, I agree that they were rude; however, this shouldn't be that big of an issue. They got criticized, but that shouldn't affect their ability to perform the task their trying to achieve.
TBR says2015-11-05T00:04:48.9236132Z
@MakeSensePeopleDont - I would say he got a softball. He COULD have hit that back and had a chance to make sence of the claims.
Haroush says2015-11-07T01:24:54.6915514Z
@Snax, It is that big of an issue.. CNBC wasted millions of Americans' time giving questions with little to no value at all to them. This being said, it is apparent this was nothing more than a political stunt done by liberal media in attempt to demean one political party because their ratings suck and Democrats need all the help they can get, CNBC probably did an inside job for them.

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