• Boys

  • Girls

51% 23 votes
49% 22 votes
  • Girls Locker room: Nothing Boys locker Room: *Fight scene from Revenge of the Sith*

  • Hoes mad

  • Yeah the boys. Who invented Electricity? The wheel? Who created the Roman Empire? Who brought the world into the Industrial Revolution and always volunteered to die for their country in war? Certainly not girls, I can tell you that much.

  • boys don't gossip as much and there not really fake whereas girls are too gossipy and spread rumours

  • f**k both genders. Though girls are best for hentai. XD

  • cause guys can not compare to girls and the things they have to go through is i guy was in a woman shoes for a day he would not survive yet they still think they are better even if they have no knowledge of the things girls have to go through

  • I am a boy and Im christian so I don't wanna look gay. Don't have a problem with LGBTQ but my religion is kind of against it so I hope you are not triggered.

  • Because we are the best๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคช๐Ÿ™„

  • Girls are smarter more responsible and more mature. Boys are gross disrespectful and just plain stupid

  • men created everything before because historically before women were not given the privilege to go to school so education were pretty late for them. And its just the way society makes girls as they grow up to focus more to the family, But there were also great women in history so, Yea

  • Trump or Hilary exactly so girls

    Posted by: Diora
  • The ONLY reason girls aren't in history is because guys were so DOMINANT in the past! I think guys and girls are great, But we girls have to go through to much. . . Not saying guys don't have a tough life tho! Not saying all guys are "dominant" or over powering. Just saying that you've got to give us a chance!

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kayc says2019-05-28T18:09:57.3580100Z
Finn is a skinny legend that we stan more than brendon urie SIKE NO WE don't WE STAN BRENDON URIE
YaaTii says2019-06-03T07:53:32.3543946Z
https://ketsat. Vn
hopetomakechange says2019-08-09T23:08:17.8924960Z
This is the dumbest poll no gender is greater than the other. I am not pro-boy or pro-girl I am pro-equality. THIS IS VERY IMMATURE.
anc2006 says2019-08-10T02:36:38.1865331Z
Proper feminism.
t.le says2019-08-13T21:17:44.5425657Z
@RickRolled that's because girls were looked down on and did not have the chance (education, Power, Etc. ) btw im not a girl
ANewbieDebater says2019-11-05T03:37:32.8024367Z
Girls are Just amazing and boys are just stupid. Us girls are smarter

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