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  • Girls

56% 10 votes
44% 8 votes
  • bruh, You girls seriously think that girls are better than bois. We got the IQ. The scientific American says that we have a higher Iq than girls in math and easily outsmart them by the university and high school. Also, It is proven that girls sleep more than bois as they need more time for their tiny brains. BTW I am not lgbt +

    Posted by: Imbos
  • Hail Patriarchy!

  • Boys are wayyyyyyyy less dramatic and mean. . Its just the truth. Im a girl and i know so.

  • Because boys are frickin attractive, And are the sweetest and funnest people around. (Not against girls, I just guys (or MEN) better)

  • As a man, Girls are better cause they're hotter (to me) and normally nicer than men

  • First off, Girls create humans with their bodies, And boys can't. Second, We are proven to be more compassionate than boys. Third, It's spelled boys.

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FieryGreatness24 says2019-10-10T10:08:25.2779615Z
There’s actually no better gender? Is there?
small-soul says2019-10-10T19:58:18.9941137Z
I hate that that picture is so sexualizing. What the heck? Why do you portray women this way, Dylangraphic? You're just as stupid as the other boys. . . Anyhow. Our brains are the same size as mens. And anyway, Brain size doesn't matter. It only counts what the matter that makes up your brain is. We go through so much more pain than boys, We are tougher. Boys, You give up WAAAAY more easily. Hate to say it, But girls are superior.
whyamionhere says2019-10-13T10:52:50.4867489Z
This is a really weird question, There really is no better gender. Both genders have its positive and negative sides, And saying that girls are dumber is really incorrect. Girls and boys have about the same IQ, But in every research the result in boys and girls is different. If you look at more new researchs though, Girls seem to have a higher IQ but only about 3-4 more. Girls also generally work harder then boys. Even though girls are awesome in plenty of ways, Boys win in for example muscle power. Both genders are awesome and everyone is different and it is about the individual and not their gender.

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