• Boys

  • Girls

38% 5 votes
62% 8 votes
  • . . . Because you're right about most of it, But lost me with "more mature". This is a myth, Fed us since my teenhood. It's certainly not true, Today. If you want to say someone armed with poison, A stiletto and throwing stars, Who doesn't care about mutilation and doesn't think about the victim, Is deadlier than a brute who uses a blunt object, Destroys with one swipe, Then wanders on, Disconnected. . . Then, I'm with you. They're not more mature. No one is mature, Now, Today. They deal HATE a Lot better, Though. So, I'm going with the ones who were created to be the rulers and sovereigns of the planet.

  • Girls are better to have sex with and to date than boys, And i got few questions, Girls are more mature, More sexier, Have cleaner body, And look better naked, And i prefer other reasons why i prefer girls over boys, So i prefer Girls!

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