Brad Esterline Vs. Bernie Sanders

Posted by: Brad19992

I am a Moderate Republican I support Gay Marriage I oppose Abortion unless for rape and mother's life is in danger I support the Death Penalty. I would introduce the "discrimination Act" for schools if you are not a drop-out they must let you back in if you moved and came back or if you went to do FLEX and your grades are reasonable to not be in FLEX anymore. If they do not let you back in the school district will be required not to only let you back in but will be fined $10,000 dollars from school funds if

  • Brad Esterline

  • Bernie Sanders

18% 2 votes
82% 9 votes
  • I don't have a major opinion on the discrimination act. But for the 2 issues you stated, I'm pro-choice and do not support the death penalty. So I would not vote for you. I'm not entirely sure where Sanders lies regarding the DP, but I know he's pro abortion as well.

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Midnight1131 says2015-08-26T03:12:38.1554659Z
What's the description got to do with anything?
Midnight1131 says2015-08-26T03:12:48.4983322Z
Are we supposed to choose which candidate supports your views?
Brad19992 says2015-08-26T03:16:23.4833103Z
No if it were me vs. Bernie Sanders who would you vote for i just shared my platform
Varrack says2015-08-26T03:16:31.6421626Z
I've seen him make that description before. It seems like a bio or something.
Midnight1131 says2015-08-26T03:21:43.9873648Z
Ok, that makes sense.

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