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briantheliberal says2015-03-30T10:56:10.8749933-05:00
I'm not sure about this because there are machines now that filter and diposit breast milk from the mother into bottles so breastfeeding in public is not necessary.
shaancl_716 says2015-03-30T12:11:40.4569942-05:00
I agree with Briantheliberal. You can pump bottles in the privacy of your own home.
Stefy says2015-03-30T15:36:48.2637736-05:00
Yes but not all women are able to do that and some women prefer a more "natural" method. Also what if you were to forget the bottles or somethig? You have to feed your baby and its very normal snd there is nothing wrong with it. I think they have every right to do it. Just because it might make 1 or 2 people uncomfortable is not the mothers problem. So yeah its not necessary always. But it doesnt have yo be necessary for them to have the right to do it.
Dilara says2015-03-30T16:25:54.1512737-05:00
I don't want to pump my boobs. It seems uncomftorble and painful. Boobies are made for being sucked at by babies. It's completely natural to breast feed a baby especially of they're really little.
briantheliberal says2015-03-30T16:33:57.1720621-05:00
Dilara, it's natural to take a dump too, but no sensible human being is willing to drop a deuce in public. That is why bathrooms were created.
Dilara says2015-03-30T16:43:58.4409040-05:00
You can hold in your crap but a baby can't wait to be fed. When I breast feed I'm going to put my baby under my shirt or a blanket so no one has to see my boobs. Anyone who breast feeds with their boob out is being gross and should carry around a blanket or wear a loose shirt.
Stefy says2015-03-30T20:58:20.5237843-05:00
Briantheliberal: Women have a right to do it they probably dont care that it makes you personally uncomfortable. Its an issue of womens bodies and womens health and its something that is 100% necessary and natural and appropriote. Womens bodies are not up for your control. Why is this such a big deal? In most countries its cometely acceptable to be full on topless at the beach. Of you think it had some sort of sexual connotation or is offensive again thats your issue. Homestly from someone eho usually defends womens health care rights im surprised. This is one time where i actually agree with Dilara
Stefy says2015-03-30T20:59:04.6556185-05:00
Plus the chemicals in the bottle can often be bad for thr baby
sque132 says2015-03-31T04:02:32.8556470-05:00
@stefy i agree breast feeding SHOULD be perfectly normal and acceptable in public, but to say that the mothers shouldn't give a damn when it causes discomfort amongst people is a bit selfish. Respect has to go both ways in society.
Dilara says2015-04-07T10:02:04.5315798-05:00
Breast milk is there for a reason. It provides nutrients for a baby who can't eat anything else. Formulas aren't as healthy for babies.
Seth0587 says2015-10-12T05:36:14.6682781Z
The pump, while a great tool, has one major flaw. It doesn't keep the mothers supply up, also you run the risk of the baby not latching once they have started a bottle. So then the supply completely drys up, and then the mother is left with few options. And why because some narrow minded princess's can't get over the fact that the breast is in no way a sexual organ, so not indecent exposure, and breast milk isn't waste so not urine or feces.
JenniferYoung says2015-12-10T19:41:40.3744098Z
Pumping and bottle feeding of breastmilk often create problems. First, the bottle causes nipple confusion. Second, young infants nurse every 2-3 hours & replacing breastfeeding with the bottle causes physical pain and can lead to mastitis. For a person with a full milk supply, one bottle can do this. Third, when babies get hungry, many mothers' milk will let down. The few times I gave my babies bottles my top was soaked even with having multiple breast pads. Fourth, for me, one of my babies had a severe allergic reaction to Pregestmil (a hypoallergenic formula) and if she would have weaned early, I would have had to use a prescription formula. My mother died of an allergic reaction and I wasn't goung to chance having my daughter wean early. Other people have this history. Fifth, even babies have a right to eat & someone can look away. In this society, staring is not considered polite. I feel that one of the problems is that we no longer have mores regarding breastfeeding. With generations bottle feedings, these were lost in much of society.

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