Brexit might have triggered a potential second referendum for Scotland's independence from the UK. Should Scotland have another referendum?

Posted by: SegBeg

  • Yes. Scotland should have a second referendum

  • No. Scotland should not have a second referendum

59% 10 votes
41% 7 votes
  • I hope they stay and I don't want one immediately but in the light of immediate changes I think it's only fair to let them decide if they still want to be part of the UK.

  • William Wallace thats why

  • I would have suggested it was too soon after the previous referendum, but they should be able to choose between the UK and the EU - though if I were Scottish, I would have preferred neither.

  • All of Scotland voted overwhelmingly against Brexit. Essentially, Scotland is being taken out of EU against the will of the Scottish people, thus, I would see a Referendum for Independence as a reasonable thing. The first Referendum failed, because Scotland did not have much of a reason to secede from the UK. Now, however, they do, and even those who voted Nay in the first case, would vote Yea in the second.

  • Having multiple referendums close together is dumb. So are the European secessionist movements for the like of Scotland and Catalonian. The world doesn't need more smaller countries and these types of things are motivated by nothing but greed.

  • Of course not. Scotland had their chance to leave the UK and close to 55% of Scottish citizens said they wanted to stay. Then the entire UK (including Scotland) voted to leave. The SNP can stop right now. The SNP (Scottish National Party) practically serves one purpose in the UK parliament, that is to bother the parliament and ask for more referendums to leave. Scotland will never get a spot in the EU without the backing of the UK because they could not survive without the UK. besides, had Scotland left the UK back in 2014, they would have left the EU as well. This whole issue is just the SNP party being a pain in the backside of the parliment.

  • They were given one referendum, and they voted in. Why should we give them another?

  • Scotland decided to stay in the UK. They have to live with the consequences. Just because you don't like something does not mean you can cry "I WANT TO BE INDEPENDENT NOW!" Yeah it sucks that Scotland don't want to leave the EU but they decided to take the risks of staying in the UK and they have to learn to live with them!

    Posted by: SegBeg
  • People should stop talking about Scotland this and Scotland that. The UK voted to leave as a nation, we cannot partially leave.

    Posted by: saggy
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