British people. What do you think happened in ferguson.

Posted by: Dilara

Just wondering

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Michael brown was shot our of self defense after charging Wilson

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Michael brown was shot in cold blood

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You are unsure

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You don't care

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Dilara says2015-05-10T08:32:07.7710992-05:00
Hect. Wilson didn't have a taser. And brown was to far for Wilson to push him away. If a 300 pound thug was charging you what would you do?
hect says2015-05-10T16:28:05.6866583-05:00
So of all the tools in his utility belt he had to go for the lethal one. In Australia every cop must have a taser which just goes to show how stupid the american police force is. Me personally I would have shaped up like a man(in my country self defence can only be met with equal force). But i'm not a frightened little girl like wilson he could have ran, locked himself in the car and called for backup or use his words and try to calm the situation. But no it appears deep ingrained in the american culture is a policy to shoot first ask questions second.
Dilara says2015-05-10T16:58:15.3658394-05:00
Hect. If wilson ran into the car he would be acting like a frightened little girl. Shooting the criminal is the brave and smart thing to do. Cops are supposed to face danger. That's why we have them. They're not supposed to run away and let the criminal go cause more crime. All Wilson had was his gun. A cop can't lock him self in his car! He has to protect people. He can't hide like a scared little kid. That's crazy.And America has less burglaries and robberies than Australia does. That's because we care more about the good guy than the thug. If Australian cops think like you no wonder you guys have more crime.
hect says2015-05-10T19:35:21.1002721-05:00
Ha what we did you get that from we don't have nearly as much crime. Shooting an unarmed civilian is the opposite of bravery, any coward can pull a trigger especially when there is not a gun aiming back. You asked me what the coward should have done and I gave an answer I never said it was brave. Every one knows if dumb ass americans gave up the fetish for guns there would be less cold blooded murder.
Dilara says2015-05-10T20:38:23.7024953-05:00
Jesus Christ you are brainwashed. According to the cdc guns in america save 400,000 lives a year. That's 360,000 more lives than they take a year. Go to guns save lives and read the stories. When a violent thug charges you lock your self in a car and see how well it turns out. Meanwhile I'll feel safe knowing that if a criminal tries to harm me they'll be In the hospital with a bullet in their leg.
hect says2015-05-10T20:59:10.8563185-05:00
Lol when did I say I would lock myself in a car. That statistic is obviously a lie, how would anyone know what would happen in a situation if the guns were removed there is no way they can possibly know the outcome of a situation that never happened. It's like saying every time you don't get behind the wheel of a car you save lives because if you had you could have killed someone that statistic is dumb as f*ck. How many massacres does america need to have until they realize how stupid the gun policy is, Australia had it's last massacre 30 years ago then we changed the gun policy and there has not been one since. And if you're so big on shooting people in the leg why didnt you suggest that as an option the pig Wilson should have taken.
Dilara says2015-05-10T21:26:38.4258511-05:00
Hect. Cops are trained to aim for central body mass. If an object is running towards you quickly it is way to hard to shoot him in the leg. You'd probably miss and than the criminal whose charging you would kill you . And you are aware than criminals get guns anyways so if you banned them we'd have a bunch of defenseless blog guys and armed criminals. Go to guns save lives. Read the stories
Dilara says2015-05-10T21:29:43.0686347-05:00
hect says2015-05-10T21:32:24.3580686-05:00
Well why is it then countries like Australia and england which have tight gun policy seem to have far less gun related crimes, whilst america has much more gun related crime? The answer is obvious because when guns are easier to get there is going to be more criminals with guns. I love it how you jump back and forth on how to shoot someone you feel you could shoot someone in the leg whilst a gun trained officer goes for the lethal shot. You cant have it both ways
Dilara says2015-05-10T22:09:06.8897549-05:00
If shoot in the leg if I could. If not sad day for mr criminal England has 4.5 times the rate of violent crime that the U.S has (British home office and fbi statistics) they have more burglaries, robberies, rapes...That's because people in England can't defend them selves from burglars, rapists ect. People in America can defend them selves from violent criminals. Read about stories of guns saving lives from the link I gave you above.
hect says2015-05-10T22:13:32.9201781-05:00
But If the criminals in the uk had guns there would still be the same amount of crime just a lot more bodies. One day america will catch up to the rest of the world and common sense will prevail, I just wonder how many people have to be shot dead in order for you to get there.
Dilara says2015-05-11T15:02:07.3403646-05:00
So you are aware that the UK has much more crime than us?. If the citizens if the UK had guns they could defend them selves. Therefor Crime would lessen.
hect says2015-05-11T18:04:22.7140627-05:00
I'm gooing of what you said i'm not checking the facts (i'd probably still doubt it though), what you fail to see is the criminals would also have the guns, I live in a country that is the perfect example of what happens when you tighten the gun laws the country becomes safer, America has not tried it so everything you say to try to defend it is baseless
Dilara says2015-05-11T19:37:10.6861546-05:00
Once again in America guns save 400,000 lives a year and prevent 500,000 other crimes a year (CDC)

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