Bronie or not?

Posted by: HiJackedGaming

A bronie is a guy that likes My little pony, Are you a bronie or not?

  • Yes

  • NO

58% 14 votes
42% 10 votes
  • "But it's for little girls!" said the hidebound imbecile. A high-quality show is a high quality show, regardless of demographic. My Little Pony has excellent animation quality, strong plot and character development, and a humorous story suitable for all ages. If someone is to bound to their dignity to dare consider that it may be a decent program, that's fine. But they're missing a heck of a lot.

  • Mostly just poking around polls, but anyway... The very premise of this poll is weird. If a girl can like MLP, why single out and label guys who like MLP? 200 odd years ago, pony toys were boys' playthings. It's not like girls have a special part of their brain that makes them like ponies, much less television shows which present creatures only very loosely resembling real-life ponies. I won't deny that the show is marketed towards little girls, but that does not impact the quality of the show. Similarly, tons of programming is marketed towards me specifically, but is terrible. The show isn't flawless, but then again no shows are. The show is designed to be aspirational, challenging the norms of our world, and able to be at once both silly and serious about it. The production quality is decent, the songs are particularly notable, but what really makes it stand out is that it's different in its focus on problems everyone can relate to, dealt with in a fun, honest way that doesn't treat its audience like babies. I like to contrast it with Sesame Street. Sure, SS has strong characters (Kermit, Ernie & Bert, the Count etc). It even has shout-outs for parents like FIM does, and occasionally clever humor. Perhaps SS doesn't look so cute now, but it once did among children's programming. What sets FIM apart from childish shows like SS is that SS uses that as a platform for telling kids to learn the alphabet, with almost zero conflict or relation to pretty much any real-world scenario other than your parents nagging you to learn the alphabet. It may be fun for parents to watch, but it isn't relateable. A similar distinction may be drawn with previous MLP generations. A stronger analogy may be drawn with The Simpsons - again, TS is humerous, and arguably cute. TS also connects with an older audience, perhaps even more so than FIM, but in a way that doesn't usually leave out kids. The difference between TS and FIM is that TS is designed to reflect modern life - it isn't aspirational, its issues and conflicts usually ending tragically and in a way that doesn't really demonstrate a clear message at all. TS is a strong show as well, for different reasons, but it isn't the same niche. I'd also like to distinguish aspirational programming from escapism. Aspirational shows provide a better world. Escapism comes when you "escape" into that better world. There's nothing wrong with that, provided one doesn't lose all sense of reality - similar to what video games have been doing for about 20 years. But unlike video games, which provide it to immerse the player and draw them in, MLP's messages are clearly communicated to be applied in our world. I'm not obsessed with the show, and to be honest, I think much of the fandom of the show seems like they can be really weird sometimes. I don't have any merchandise - in fact, I've never really met another brony before. But I like shows that are different, have something interesting to say, can keep anyone entertained and be really fun. If that makes me mental, then I charge that television has lost all of its meaning. Disagree with me? Challenge me to a debate and I'll be happy to prove you wrong. Should be an easy win if you think I'm anything like the stereotyped "man-child brony".

  • I have no regrets!

  • From what i understand, female bronies are called "pegasisters", but I like the term "brony" better so deal with it.

  • yes, but I am female, and I am tired of people saying, "Your not a Brony, your a Pegasister! like how a poodle is a type of dog, a Pegasister is a type of brony. Just sayin.

  • pegasister here I regret nothing

    Posted by: Katpie
  • The show may have been originally meant for girls, but they did a bad job making it so girly that it doesn't attract male fans. I mean, I don't know why, but those ADORABLE ponies just capture my heart every time I look at them, and I just imagine and wonder what my life would be like in Equestria. I just don't see why it shouldn't be loved by the world, and I will do whatever I can to make sure that happens and that the world sees the truth about Love and Tolerance.

  • You have the right to like what you want. I chose to be a brony for many reasons!

  • No because I'm not mentally ill.

  • I know a bit about the show, but honestly, no. Males in the show are not represented enough and I dislike how the majority of them have low-level, labor jobs like pulling the chariots of the all-female leadership or farming.

  • I have no hate for the show itself (not in my target demographic), but a show about pink ponies learning about friendship just doesn't appeal to me. I didn't grow up on the Powerpuff Girls or Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, so I don't have the 'link' to the show many bronies have. At the same time, bronies are among the most obnoxious fanbases on the internet. Posting ponies everywhere is annoying and does not make the rest of us think better or you, nor do the fanatics who call it the 'best show ever'. It is my firm opinion that a children's television show cannot be the best ever - I love SpongeBob SquarePants (up to the movie), but I am under no illusion that it is anything more than an excellent children's show (which is itself a good enough achievement). MLP may very well be a good show (never seen it, don't intend to), but it is not the best show ever. To the reasonable bronies, who don't obsess over it and whatnot, you are cool with me and I have no problems with you. It's the cloppers and possessors that are the problem.

    Posted by: TN05
  • I watched the Cupcakes episode and I couldn't believe they showed this to kids.

  • Clearly for girls.

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MassiveDump says2013-09-05T20:16:28.4892938-05:00
I'm with larz in saying that bronies can be hella creepy. But I'm also officially counting him as out of the stable.
Deathmonkey7 says2013-09-09T22:54:59.4485880-05:00
Yeah, they can be creepy. But there's no reason why there can't be sane bronies. I like the show because it's genuinely pretty funny and many of the characters are truly interesting. In all honesty I think most people who outright hate bronies are largely males that are insecure in their own sexuality. That being said, I'm not so in love with the show that I would write fan fiction either.
larztheloser says2013-09-09T23:02:13.7765403-05:00
I used to outright hate bronies, partly because I thought it was a joke (having only seen one episode of the show), and partly because my brother was going through a brony phase - the only other "brony" I've ever met - and it was a good excuse to laugh at him. Then I actually watched the rest of the eps (so I could have ammunition to laugh at him more) and felt completely stupid for all the things I said after that. I can also tell you that I am very secure about my sexuality throughout all this. I didn't need to look at cartoon horses to know what my sexual preferences were. So I kinda think most of the time it's more non-openness and ignorance, more then some kind of sexual insecurity. Also, I'm sane. I think. If it sounded like I was saying bronies must be insane then you weren't really listening properly.
Deathmonkey7 says2013-09-09T23:17:25.5567167-05:00
It was largely a general comment filled with speculation rather than a comment targeted at you larz. That being said I concede that most hatred toward bronies may not be caused by sexual insecurity, but rather non-openness. It was mostly an observation that most people who hate bronies tend to say "It's a girl's show". I simply made a generalized assumption (wrong as it might be) based on that.
Deathmonkey7 says2013-09-09T23:17:25.9728822-05:00
It was largely a general comment filled with speculation rather than a comment targeted at you larz. That being said I concede that most hatred toward bronies may not be caused by sexual insecurity, but rather non-openness. It was mostly an observation that most people who hate bronies tend to say "It's a girl's show". I simply made a generalized assumption (wrong as it might be) based on that.
larztheloser says2013-09-09T23:38:16.6645335-05:00
Haha - no problem. I think you're confusing sexual identity and gender identity. Totally different concepts. But still.
whitesparrow123 says2014-03-17T11:45:18.2744519-05:00
There are 6 different levels of "brony' in my opinion. There is level 1 brony: watches the show once in a while because nothing else is on, and doesn't hate it, but it's not a favorite. These are the normal people. Level 2 brony: watches the show because of genuine intrest, maybe a bit of fan art, but keeps it to him/herself as to not make normal friends uncomfortable. This is me. Level 3 brony: watches the show, knows the names of the extras, and posts MLP memes. These are the most common type. Level 4 brony: watches show, fanmade shows, fanfiction, fan art. Level 5 brony: does all of the above, and wears MLP merchandise. And Level 6 Brony: all of the above, and goes to comicon dressed as a main character, even if it's female and the person is male. This is the crazy brony that makes normal bronies feel kind of awkward to be compared to them. I'm like, level 2.5, I know the extras, I make fanart, but I don't go flaunting it to people, because I don't want to make the normal people feel awkward.

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