Building The Wall Will Protect The US Economy

Posted by: Sidetrack

If the wall is built: new jobs will be protected, welfare will be reduced, deportation issues lowered and lowered illegal drug problems.

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The wall will make the US economy worse

15 votes

The wall will improve the US economy

A wall will: - Protect new jobs - Reduce welfare - immigrant welfare - reduce citizen welfare created when illegals take US jobs -lower illegal immigration costs - incarceration costs - legal costs - health care...  costs - deportation costs - lower import of illegal drugs - lower health care costs related to illegal drugs - lower occurrence of drug addiction and it's derivative costs - loss of job due to drug addiction - crime committeed to get drugs - crimes related to drug dealing - car accidents cause by illegal drug intoxication - family breakdown due to illegal drug use - etc   more
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The wall will make no significant difference in the US economy

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Fernyx says2017-01-09T14:04:33.1600439Z
The wall itself will just add to taxes, the tariffs will ruin the economy.
RonPaulConservative says2017-01-09T20:25:08.9172153Z
@fernyx The tariffs will support domestic industry and help the economy.
cyber_onions says2017-01-12T08:57:11.4285133Z
I thought the wall was impossible? As in, it would cost more to build and maintain than the US has. Also, you're forgetting about ladders.
ZachZimmey says2017-01-13T23:47:52.7341314Z
Also your forgetting about the armed border security agents stationed on the wall reader to kick ladders over.
ZachZimmey says2017-01-13T23:48:23.0548407Z
cyber_onions says2017-01-20T04:11:59.4606255Z
@ZachZimmey How many armed border security agents would it take to cover 1900 miles of wall? Seems like an expensive endeavour. When I say "what about ladders" I'm pointing out that people will always find ways to come into a country illegally. It's not just about ladders, it's about the impossibility of making your border air-tight.
reece says2017-01-20T04:18:23.1856998Z
@cyber_onions I'm sure Trump would privately fund them with his billions ;)
reece says2017-01-20T04:31:44.2026255Z
By my calculations, if there were 10 guards for every mile and each guard got paid 40,000 annually, It would cost Trump 6,080,000,000 over 8 years.

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