• Cultural

  • Religious

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64% 7 votes
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Logical_One says2015-01-13T14:40:37.7046863-06:00
They is no separating religion, government, and culture with Muslims; they all stem from their holy book.
Shub-Niggurath says2015-01-13T14:55:01.2097747-06:00
Most religious experts, including Muslim ones, say that wearing the burqa is not called for in the quran. Therefore the wearing of the burqa is not a religious issue; it is a cultural one, like genital mutilation, which is banned in Europe.
Logical_One says2015-01-13T15:14:18.1052496-06:00
You are correct, the word burqa is not mentioned in the Quran but what the burka is, has become what it is through the interpretations of the word Hijab. The Arabic word 'hijab' can be translated into veil or yashmak. Other meanings for the word 'hijab' include, screen, cover(ing), mantle, curtain, drapes, partition, division, divider. Burqa falls under the category of Hijab.One of the extremes of burqa is the Afghan burqa, which was enforced by the Taliban. This burqa covers the entire body in loose clothing with the face (including eyes) being covered with only a grille for the women to look through. This all stems from it's source the Quran.
Logical_One says2015-01-13T15:24:14.7089512-06:00
One might say that because The World Christian Encyclopedia of 2001 counted 33,830 different Christian denominations that the separate things they did might be cultural but if those things are based on different interpretations of the the bible, it still makes these differences religious as they have manifested from the bible as their source.
uglie-boy says2015-05-03T18:44:36.0796851-05:00
This is a ridiculous poll? It's both.
damonios99 says2015-08-30T01:29:52.1830671Z
I assume that Burqa is necessary in the Middle east cultural area. It derives from their holy book but as years have passed, it is now a custom descended from their ancestors. Consequently, Burqa is a religion, as well as a fragment of the Middle Eastern Culture.
Umar99 says2015-12-04T17:46:07.7437687Z
Its both

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