• George W. Bush

  • John Kerry

48% 11 votes
52% 12 votes
  • "Bush vs Kerry" is a very open-ended question (though not technically a question) If we're talking about who would win in a presidential race, obviously Bush. He already did. Who would win in a foot race? Bush, he runs a lot. Who would win in a fist fight? Bush, for reasons. Who would win in a pistol duel? Bush, he would probably tag in Cheney. Who would win at putting me to sleep? Kerry, he has such a boring personality. Who would win in a spelling be? Kerry.

  • Bush is better, Kerry was a jerk and threw away his 'Nam medals.

  • I voted for him

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imabench says2013-09-20T21:14:34.4820796-05:00
To know what happened in Bush's second term and still thinks he's better really demonstrates the lack of intelligence of those still voting for him
EpicChestnut says2013-09-21T22:48:11.1393476-05:00
Didn't the Democrats have majorities in both houses of Congress toward the end of Bush's reign?

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