• George H. W. Bush

  • George W. Bush

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17% 2 votes
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Heisenburger says2013-09-23T16:30:34.7732262-05:00
Desert Storm was a world-wide success and liberated the Kuwaitis, even though they were probably stealing Iraq's oil. H.W.'s leadership skills on building the coalition were only ever matched by his son, although H.W. Invaded Iraq for a good reason, and didn't destroy the U.S. Economy in the process.
jj7m says2013-09-27T16:43:47.4961515-05:00
How about none.
PatriotPerson says2013-09-27T17:32:48.1481444-05:00
*neither, check your grammar bro.
henryajevans says2013-10-10T08:49:36.6254551-05:00
Both obnoxious war criminals

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