Buy a new 1080p HD TV now or wait for 4k UHD?

Posted by: Kreakin

  • Wait for 4k to become mainstream.

  • Buy a 1080p now as it will be ages for 4k media, broadcasting, etc.

40% 2 votes
60% 3 votes
  • It all depends on your budget, if you have a TV now or not, what you'll be using it for, etc. If I didn't have a TV now, I would grab a 1080p, as it's significantly cheaper, and I can put the extra money into a sound system or gaming consoles or any extra add-ons. But I currently have an amazing 70" 1080p Samsung TV, along with current and Next-Gen gaming consoles, as well as a great 7.1 sound system, so for me, personally, I would upgrade to a 4K when the price of the 80" ones drop to around $5,000. But speaking on behalf of society, and not my personal idea, I would say buy a 1080p, as there isn't much of anything to be displayed in 4k yet other than very few PC games, and the price just isn't worth it right now.

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Juris_Naturalis says2014-08-09T08:09:45.4719267-05:00
Well it depends. Do you have a tv now and just want to upgrade?
Kreakin says2014-08-09T08:14:05.6487267-05:00
I have a 1080p low end Panasonic, but the motion tracking is pretty bad on blurays.
Geogeer says2014-08-09T09:23:25.7710489-05:00
I'm still on my old tube. I don't really see any need to upgrade.
Kreakin says2014-08-09T13:03:56.5754109-05:00
I also take HD pics in A3 so thinking it would be good to have 4k to see them in natural resolution for editing.
Kreakin says2014-08-09T18:26:15.1183464-05:00
Was thinking I would upgrade to a Sony X85 (X8500B SERIES) with 4K Resolution.

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