• Yes, it can be won

  • No, it can't be won

20% 3 votes
80% 12 votes
  • With preemptive planning and defence tech. No war is unwinnable if you have appropriate defensive/offensive capability. The cost could be high though.

  • If we kill more of their people than they kill ours, that counts as a victory.

  • If we did manage to decimate every single opposing culture on the planet, the radiation and nuclear waste left behind would deem this planet practically uninhabitable.

  • Nuclear Winter!!!!!!! I always wanted one since I love Winter

  • War never has a true victor. Nuclear war is ever worse.

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Burncastle says2014-06-27T15:24:29.0165807-05:00
Depends what you mean by "victory". While you can technically be victorious in the sense that your opponent might give up at some point, most people would consider the inumerable innocent lives lost as a defeat for both sides.

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