Can a Presidential Candidate from the Libertarian Party get the 15% of the Vote in Polls required to Debate Donald Trump and the Democratic Nominee on the main stage Debate?

Posted by: Austin_064

The Libertarian Party is hosting its National Convention today so I thought it'd be interesting to have a poll for it. For a Presidential Canididate from a Third Party to debate the Republican and Democratic Nominee on the Main stage needs the magic number of 15% in polls, so far its showing that Gary Johnson (The Front runner of the LP) has 11% in a recent pol. So, can he make it to 15% required? Or fall short of the 15%?

Poll closed on 6/15/2016 at 4:00PM.
  • Yes, Gary Johnson or whoever the LP nominee is will reach 15%

  • No, Gary Johnson or whoever the LP nominee is won't reach 15%

71% 5 votes
29% 2 votes
  • 11% to 15% shouldn't be too unrealistic, especially with hostile attitudes towards both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

  • As someone who is a third party voter and active member of the Green party, I am going to say that it is rather unlikely. Most polls don't include Gary Johnson or Jill Stein and neither have the media exposure that the Dems and Repubs have. 5% is not unrealistic, as he is already pretty close, and I think that if the lawsuit does succeed, I think that Both Jill and Gary will be in at least 1 debate.

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bibkel says2016-07-09T03:22:51.6629214Z
Gary Johnson is getting more visibility as of late.
BrendanD19 says2016-07-09T04:12:39.3199254Z
As is Jill Stein. Both campaigns are seeing a surge in support. Johnson is getting around 10% in the polls and Jill is at 7

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