• Yes.

  • No.

93% 13 votes
7% 1 votes
  • Just because someone is an adult doesn't mean they're automatically nice or mature. There are lots of stupid adults who are just rude to children. If the child is a misandrist or a misogynist or a racist or prejudiced or violent, then the adult has every right to be rude to the child! But if the child isn't prejudiced and isn't violent or perverted or disgusting, then there should be no reason to treat the child rudely!

  • Everyone is able to be rude. Adults can give punishments if they deem it necessary.

  • Only if the child is in the wrong. If the child has do nothing then NO.

  • When I was younger I was told, "there's no such thing as a stupid question"...I'm really not sure I agree with that statement.

  • Yes, becaue who else is going to teach that child how to behave. THE CHILD? secularists, psh.

  • While I don't believe in physical discipline, if the kid is being relentlessly obnoxious, then yes, they should be yelled at. It really depends on their behavior. If they make a mistake, then it should be explained to them. If they don't care what you say and continue to be a brat, then like I said, I'd blow their ears out. But that's just cause I'm a jerk.

    Posted by: benhos
  • Adult are rude to children just like children are to adults and adults are not always the nicest people to talk too and their are adult that treat children like shit

  • Children are rude little booger eaters, so it's only fair that adults defend themselves! Plus, hurting children is fun and easy.

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Adam2isback says2016-07-30T23:53:25.4739588Z
Really Foodiesoul? Of all the reasons one can be rude that is ONE of them? Racism. Race-baiting again
Foodiesoul says2016-07-31T00:04:28.2175303Z
@Adam2isback Racists, sexists, and other prejudiced people have absolutely NO place on this earth! They are horrible people who taunt and torture others not because of their personality but because of their social group, which is just moronic! Racists and sexists DESERVE to be treated rudely and they deserve to suffer! Just LOOK at all the BS that society is putting everyone through just because of STUPID people who can't accept the fact that not everyone is the same and that no one chose to be a certain race or a certain gender (unless they decided to be transgender). Racists and sexists are bi**hes!
SegBeg says2016-07-31T12:01:20.0318672Z
@Foodiesoul, you sound just as hateful as the sexists, and racists do. If you treat them like trash, they'll treat you like trash back.
Foodiesoul says2016-07-31T14:36:49.2583516Z
@SegBeg The sexists and racists can kill themselves! At least then the world would be more peaceful! Sexists and racists deserve to be treated like trash!
SegBeg says2016-08-12T12:43:02.2681405Z
@Foodiesoul, look, I know how you feel. Sometimes I just want all this racism and sexism to go away as well but wishing that those who commit these horrible acts to die will NOT make the world better. In fact it is rather hypocritical. How can they learn to be nice and accepting if you won't show them how to? If teach them how to love and respect others then they will pick up on it. If we treat them like trash, all we can expect is that they will continue in their vile and wicked ways. We are supposed to be kind to those who do us wrong- love our enemies. If a racist person has prejudices about a certain race, prove them wrong, if a sexist has prejudices about a certain gender, prove them wrong and make them look like a fool. If they still refuse, just turn the other cheek and let them live this miserable and hateful life that is doing no good for themselves. Treating them nicely can help them turn a new leaf- not eradicating them from the face of the earth!
foxxhajti says2016-08-12T13:09:17.0816923Z
@SegBeg Your last comment was very compelling, nice job.
SegBeg says2016-08-12T13:29:35.9496486Z
@foxxhajti Thank you!

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