Can an argument be one by using a logical fallacy?

Posted by: Muttl200

I've noticed a lot of people try to win polls/arguments with logical arguments. What do you thinks about them?

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I believe that arguments can be won by stating a logical fallacy.

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No. I believe it can not.

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Depends on the situation.

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Muttl200 says2014-05-02T12:06:06.2613984-05:00
Oh lord that spelling error. That's a bad one.. Meant to say won. Sorry people.
Muttl200 says2014-05-02T12:07:15.6341537-05:00
Is there anyway to edit polls? I'd like to fix two errors..
madness says2014-05-05T01:13:40.5586849-05:00
Can an argument be won by using logic that is not true? No. As you'd be either lying or showing a lack of knowledge. By believing the argument, you yourself are commiting a fallacy, by being so misinformed. How can you win an argument by being plain wrong??
BasicLogic says2014-05-05T02:01:07.9798849-05:00
You can be plain wrong to argue that you are wrong and wrong about that.

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