• Yes!

  • No!

44% 12 votes
56% 15 votes
  • If there is one world government, and you compromise a bit (not TRUE communism), then yes. If there is a one world Republic.

  • In very small communities, yes. Literally everywhere else, no.

  • it CAN in small communities (as mentioned by FuzzyCatPotato) because people know each other like Tribal societies and such. Look at the Bushmen in the movie Gods must be crazy. Perfect example of Utopian communism, except that they are not atheist and they do not encourage rationalism/technological advancement (guess even they are not perfect :/ but its something)

  • It can work, it just has to be run the right way. Don't judge it by it's past.

  • it can work if it is properly run and if greed is not a factor

    Posted by: pant10
  • Works best when the entire world is.

  • Communism by definition is a stateless, classless, moneyless society in which all the means of production is commonly owned by all and in fact, Communism can and has worked. When we were ancient primitives living in small hunter-gatherer egalitarian bands, that was Communism. Nestor Makhno instilled Communism in the eastern edges of Ukraine. In Catalonia in Spain, Communism was also achieved.

    Posted by: Ismist
  • Evidence shows that the strongest motivations to undertake labour are autonomy, purpose and mastery. These are reward and incentive enough for people to work, sadly they are often not met under capitalism, since workers are subordinate to their bosses.

  • This has already been done and it failed. History is now the reminder that communism simply does not work.

  • The simple problem with communism is that it doesn't rely on competition and accountability like capitalism does and instead chooses to go with a one size fits all idea that will always be deemed to fail.

  • It has been shown in practice to conflict with human nature. The system would work with some species (such as ants and bees) but humans are naturally greedy and will work very hard for money. If you want society to work hard, capitalism is the way to go. Look at the differences between The United Kingdom and North Korea, or The United States and Cuba.

  • Never.

  • No, but socialism mixed with capitalism can.

  • It's a utopian idea. Utopias can never fully exist nor work.

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lifemeansevolutionisgood says2014-07-26T17:26:04.8627962-05:00
People that are commenting that say "No" show a lack of understanding of the subject.
Formerland1 says2014-07-26T17:55:37.5104109-05:00
It could ( in italics ) work , but it doesn't .
lifemeansevolutionisgood says2014-07-26T18:02:54.9034946-05:00
It all depends on how you define communism. I would not call anything that has ever been attempted "communism" as it is pretty far off of what communism was intended to be.,
AdamKG says2014-07-26T21:50:35.2831167-05:00
I believe it can work under certain circumstances. China is very successful, however, you can argue that they have a hybrid system of communism and capitalism.
Haroush says2014-07-27T09:08:49.6835064-05:00
True at AdamKG.

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