Can existentialism fit Into a metaphysical deterministic framework?

Posted by: reece

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  • Is this a question of free will versus determinism? Randomness or chaos does not imply free will - even if disguised as the "God Particle" of quantum physics. Or is this a question on the nature of consciousness - that it is a feature of biochemical brain processes? Would a zombie - if such a creature could exist - realize that it is a zombie ? -

    Posted by: ptosis
  • Existentialism is dealing with more of self purpose and determination involving concrete evidence that should provide us with the reasons as to why everything is the way and so forth. Whilst , metaphysics is the abstract branch of philosophy. The reasons in abstract, why things are the way they are and I'm sure that there is a better way to explain it but that's how I'm going to describe it. Equestrianism is a part of metaphysics and the best way that I can think to explain Tues is by how, religion (some may disagree) go hand in hand with science. The bible for instance, talks about how God flooded the earth and Noah's Arc was formed in order to cleanse and rebirth the Earth. Well there is indeed scientific evidence and reasoning to show that the Earth was flooded and in certain sense ¬®rebirth¬®. Well, the same concept applies for these two philosophical branches, we have our bier abstract image (metaphysics) and we have our concrete images (equestrianism) that prove and disprove the other. They have a relationship of and through contradiction.

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