Can Hillary Clinton stay out of jail long enough to become president (if the votes are there)

Posted by: xhammy

After the whole email thing Hilary is likely to be convicted for at the very least obstruction of justice. Becoming president would keep her from being sent to prison, but can she stay out long enough.

  • Nope, going to jail.

  • Yes, not going to jail (at least before then)

73% 11 votes
27% 4 votes
  • Nope, she already got 4 people killed and when her email scandal was exposed all of the emails "disappeared."

  • She better go to jail.

  • It's so wrong that people like her get a pass on this because they're running for president.

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CyberConor says2015-04-14T17:28:25.5686863-05:00
I don't like her policies, and this just adds to my hatred to her. She's just so stupid.

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