Can Humans Change Their Fate?

Posted by: Joey888

We humans are destroying our planet. Can we change that?

  • Yes

  • No

75% 3 votes
25% 1 votes
  • yes everyone on earth can work together to build electric vehicles powered by solar panels on the roofs of all houses, they could have car companies switch to electric and power companies switch to solar. there are unemployed people that could be employed to clean up litter and pollution.

  • I am sorry to say this, but one person is just one person out of over seven billion others. Even if you started a company that removed pollution from the ocean and recycled the plastic and had ten thousand contributors, you are competing with million-worker shipping companies. There are PAs, there are billboards, but honestly, nobody is going to care. Furthermore, the damage has already been done. I personally think we overuse plastic, and so much of it ends up in the wild, with millions upon millions of tons being created every week, the likelihood of any change is rapidly shrinking. I personally think that the problem is beyond repair by now.

    Posted by: Jun.H
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Joey888 says2016-07-18T23:17:12.0239996Z
The human future looks bleak.

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