Can Intelligence be accurately measured and compared? If so, How?

Posted by: KylePooley

IQ tests are a generalised way of knowing one's intelligence, but this is mainly of puzzle and problem solving. The only way in which I think Intelligence can be measure is by comparing individual subjects fastidiously.

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KylePooley says2015-02-04T11:27:47.7852181-06:00
Re-reading this poll, I think I've made it a trick question by stating two options that are yes and no. Measured: No Compared: Yes
Andro295 says2015-02-17T15:19:37.0640410-06:00
I would have to disagree with what you say, but don't get me wrong I respect your opinion. An IQ test is an external test just like a test that a teacher gives to a student, or an essay. When the student is done learning and takes the test and passes he or she normally forgets everything and moves on. Repetition or the ability to repeat the worlds of an intelligent mind does not label someone or measure their intelligence. I have seen countless times where people make straight A's but what does this prove , that they can repeat something or that they follow instructions and accept authority, to me intelligence is internal not external. You cannot measure intelligence with IQ at all. The true meaning of intelligence is the ability to ask yourself and find out everything their is to know about the universe and the souls that our bodies house . It means always asking why and taking basic and unbiased fact to form your own ideas and spread them to others. True intelligence is understanding that you were put here in this universe at this given time to forfill a purpose and understanding that the universe does not revolve around you or the earth. Instead you revolve around the universe in order to achieve full enlightenment. Only then you can become more powerful than you have ever imagined. Thank you for taking the time to listen to my comment if you do so happen to look at it.

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