Can people stop making stupid polls, that do not add to intelligent discussion?

Posted by: Jifpop09

  • No, they're to far gone

  • Yes, with some new policies

23% 3 votes
77% 10 votes
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SweetTea says2014-05-05T16:37:52.7352777-05:00
OMG! I hope so. This is the worst I've seen DDO, in a year!
Jifpop09 says2014-05-05T16:38:43.1855779-05:00
Lol, I get your drift. Half of them are about video games, music, or non-intellectual things. Defeat -_-
occupied says2014-05-06T11:15:06.7194408-05:00
That is an excellent point. And half of them are repeats of repeats of repeats, ad infinitum.

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