Can Racism Be Justified?

Posted by: PapaNolan

The title is pretty self explanatory.

  • Yes

  • No

36% 10 votes
64% 18 votes
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heil43 says2015-04-16T13:59:09.4678752-05:00
I'm pro race hierarchy, race nations, race war, race conflict, race identity, race pride, race evolution, and race extinction
GDBH says2015-04-16T14:09:09.7471370-05:00
How does one race have more right than the other to exist?
TheMarquis says2015-04-16T14:11:14.3605331-05:00
@Heil: Whites aren't the majority of the world anymore. Even if you are a racist, you must know that starting that war would be very foolish. You'd also be upsetting a lot of whites who aren't completely mad.
heil43 says2015-04-16T14:11:32.4191874-05:00
Certain races contribute to civilization technological development like the aryan race, others like the jewish race try to destroy civilization through bolshvism
420swaggmaster says2015-04-16T14:11:41.3054242-05:00
It's not like their people
heil43 says2015-04-16T14:12:29.6388870-05:00
It's not about individual rights so much as society efficiency
heil43 says2015-04-16T14:13:09.3869226-05:00
Some races are more efficient and should dominate, others which promote inefficiency need to be eliminated for better efficiency
VladimirLeninIsCool says2015-04-16T16:11:18.1869969-05:00
Heil34, you sound like an anti-Semitic racist.
Episteme says2015-04-16T17:36:54.3168902-05:00
No, I don't think racism is ever justified. (I voted, but I couldn't add my comment though for some reason.) Partially, race is (as I've been saying in a number of polls) an arbitrary classification created by social "norms". I see no reason why a person should be biased against another person based on what is an arbitrary classification. Certain forms of race are chosen by the individual - while certain forms are chosen external to the individual.
PapaNolan says2015-04-16T18:10:20.1241665-05:00
@Vladimirleniniscool He is, he has actually been banned from this site numerous times.

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