Can torture be justified?

Posted by: Defro

Imagine you are an agent trying to save people's lives. There is a bomb hidden in the city that has the potential to kill 50 people. You have captured a man who you have reason to believe knows the location of the bomb. If you know the location you can disarm it and save lives. But the man refuses to tell you anything. You try to torture the information out of him, but he's won't tell you no matter how you torture him. In your custody, you also have his 7 year old innocent daughter who he loves very much. I

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Torture the innocent 7 year old girl

The torture will be extremely painful and you will have the father watch.
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Do nothing and allow the bomb to explode

Take your chances. Who knows? Maybe the bomb was a dud?
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WINNINGDIS says2017-12-03T14:16:05.5832073Z
This is a trap its using kids just be yes or no this is immoral

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