Can we all please have one minute of silence for anyone hurt by the 9/11 tragedies, be they American or not?

Posted by: Sitara

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leojm says2013-09-11T17:11:39.1804088-05:00
Well at least someone was honest. :)
Sitara says2013-09-11T17:20:21.5876549-05:00
I am not trolling. I am trying to show respect to the people who lost their lives.
MasturDbtor says2013-09-11T17:26:50.8775411-05:00
This isn't a very silent moment of silence.
Sitara says2013-09-11T17:28:27.0707659-05:00
I have no idea why she did that. I am just trying to show respect, something she knows nothing about.
leojm says2013-09-11T17:29:56.3044819-05:00
I"M SORRY!!! For those whose families died in this horrific time in history. Even though I was in Russia at this time, We have heard bout it. This means a lot to people, so I shall show respect for the dead and the living who had to face the loss of their loved ones. So we should all raise up against the Jihad and bring them down to their graves. But what this event actually did was made America stronger as one. So God, did make something good out of something so bad as this. If I disrespected some people on here, I would like to apologize for my mistake. Thank you! God Bless!! =)
Sitara says2013-09-11T17:35:30.5079338-05:00
I apologize too.
Delliss says2013-09-18T17:42:05.3556783-05:00
Hm, can we also have one minute of silence FOR EVERY PERSON WHO EVER DIED VIOLENTLY IN THIS WORLD or does it only matter when it's linked to something that happened in the US?

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