• Yes liquor stores are out there

  • No

71% 15 votes
29% 6 votes
  • I can buy a new game and be happy. Or I can have money and be happy. Or someone can give me anything and I'll be happy. And yes, liquor.

  • We can buy happines sin some ways like buying the car i love make me happy and buying the gadgets which i love makes me happy...right! so,most of the times we can buy happiness but when it comes to mind peace we cant buy it....Peace comes with real attitude and it really depends on a person. :)

  • Liquor or not you can buy it

  • Yes it sure can. Money bought my new truck which had made me happy. It's old and it no longer makes me happy and if had more money I could buy a new one and be happy again when i'm in it. Money could buy me a new fishing boat which would make me happy. Silly to think money can't buy you happiness.

  • You can buy your way out of working a terrible job that you hate. Or buy your way out of a very bad apartment.

  • I don't like liquor, but I buy cookies with money, and cookies make me pretty dang happy.

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TheAnonymousTipster says2015-01-16T00:38:11.6110509-06:00
If your money isn't buying you happiness, you simply aren't spending enough money...

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