Can you support African American Sovereignty?

Posted by: jgmckill

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Everyone needs to just learn to get along. I really think that is a possibility.
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Everybody can't necessarily get along together so African Americans should have ethnic self determination (if they want it) so as to not have any other group's figurative boot on their figurative throat. African Americans wouldn't have to face discr... imination, racial profiling, etc. if they had their own country where they ran things independently. If African Americans remained in relative poverty in their own country it would be their collective fault alone not any scapegoat or otherwise influence   more
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Secssion is not the answer

Over the dead bodies of hundreds of thousands of U.S. soldiers and citizens. To challenge the Federal State's sovereignty over U.S. territory would mean war. "African-Americans" would never be able to organize into a group capable of even starting s... uch a war, much less hope to win   more
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Secession is the answer if it means Peace from a nation

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I wish we could all get along but I doubt that really ever could materialize. I am undecided but intrigued.
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bubbatheclown says2014-03-30T21:34:07.8876501-05:00
Wait a sec, are you referring to a US State seceding to form a black nation?
bubbatheclown says2014-03-30T21:43:44.4985463-05:00
Oops, I'm part of a cult with 20 people and we're feeling persecuted! Give us Rhode Island!
Seeginomikata says2014-03-30T23:46:17.7743044-05:00
I don't think the OP understands the meaning of "sovereignty" . . .
SweetTea says2014-03-31T11:08:22.7033525-05:00
I suspect this poll refers to the Sovereign Citizens Movement. If it does, here is some more information regarding ... Http://www.Splcenter.Org/get-informed/intelligence-files/ideology/sovereign-citizens-movement
Seeginomikata says2014-03-31T15:15:44.3266556-05:00
@SweetTea. Your suspicion sounds plausible, but that does not help this poll make any more sense.
SweetTea says2014-04-01T03:03:48.2697979-05:00
Seeginomikata ... Racism never makes sense.
Seeginomikata says2014-04-01T11:40:04.7300362-05:00
So we agree.

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