Can you truly be free if burdened by guilt?

Posted by: Blade-of-Truth

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Poll closed on 10/12/2014 at 12:12AM.
  • Yes

  • No

38% 6 votes
62% 10 votes
  • Of course. That does not limit any freedoms. Feeling guilty just modifies your behaviour in a moral way, you are still free to do what ever.

  • I believe it can truly drive someone over the edge. It's like a form of mental baggage.

  • The questions is "Can you "TRULY" be free...?" Which means not only physically or socially free but mentally as well. Of course it limits freedom by stopping any action to be done through guilt. If action still took place then there's no guilt at all. You are still free to do things but with limitations by once again through guilt, which then concludes there is no existence of TRUE freedom.

  • Nobody 'truly free' because everybody is burdened by guilt, second guessing and indecisiveness.

  • Guilt weighs upon us mentally and emotionally. Guilt can cause stress, which can have physical consequences. Personal freedom can be limited by guilt, at the very least, because it affects our thoughts and may cause us to hesitate when making decisions related to, or resembling the subject of our guilt.

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