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  • Plantation owners goal was to earn money. Free labor and exploitation is the easiest way of earning it. Without the government regulating it capitalism advocates slavery and child labor. Basically profit is the most important above humans and the environment.

  • capitalism creates horrors over peaces of paper

  • Slaves=private property

  • If anything, Capitalism pushed the main form of production away from slavery and into a wage based workforce. Just look at the North during the civil war.

  • Slavery takes place in a stratified environment. Capitalism stratifies eventually, but there is always the off-chance of someone making something excellent and advancing.

  • How are those related...?

  • Capitalism isnt responsible but without regulations slavery can exist in capitalist economies.

  • Wut?

    Posted by: Nawl
  • Slavery has existed long before Capitalism did.

  • little bit capitalism develops slavery but it is not fully responsible

  • Nope

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    Posted by: LaJei
  • Capitalism is simply an inaccurate term used to represent laissez faire. While it was true that there was money to be made from plantations that used slaves, this was only sustainable as long as plantation owners could shift the cost of sustaining their slavery to the government and hence to the general taxpayer. The government did this by means of fugitive slave laws and other regulations designed to support the slave economy because the prevailing, but false, idea then and even now was that slavery was necessary at the time in order to have a healthy economy. The reality was that slavery slowed technological and economic development by skewing incentives and destroying economic potential by means of coercion.

  • Adam Smith was strictly against slavery.

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Thegreatdebate98 says2015-06-18T12:02:10.8242372-05:00
Many people agree on something that you would expect to be a controversy, let's just soak that in for a second. :)
LaJei says2015-06-22T05:07:15.1602754-05:00
Capitalism is a weird element of society, it creates poverty and benefits the entire economy, especially those at a lower classes.

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