Capitalism or Communism

Posted by: Owl099

Equality and Public Ownership V.S. Competition and Private Ownership

  • Capitalism

  • Communism

84% 37 votes
16% 7 votes
  • Communism has proved not to work.

  • The development of capitalism leads to the increase of capital outputs and nations; coercive force power creates the nation states and the division of labor strengthens the nation-state. Nevertheless, because of the high outflow of capital from our factories, our nations are richer and more prosper than ever. Communism is built upon the postulates that economic conditions are already good enough for the state to be abolished, in which I do not see any logical and rational reasoning for that. Onwards, Capitalism!

  • Capitalism has its flaws, but it seems to work, There are many examples of successful capitalist nations to show the system is sustainable and can lead to prosperity.

    Posted by: CK3137
  • duh

  • Capitalism allows for free trade, voluntary exchange, and ultimate freedom and prosperity. Capitalism over the course of history has been undermined and is now being used to label corporatism. True capitalism requires the elimination of the state.

  • Capitalism is freedom. Everything else is slavery.

  • When I vote for capitalism, I actually vote for free market, big corporations will turn out just as bad as communist eventually. There is a difference, research it yourself.

  • Today people living in formerly or currently communist countries barely have enough food, shelter and education. Today people in capitalist countries have vast amounts of food, a television, a computer, free housing, education, medication and still enough money to buy products from companies. Communism while sounding like a Utopian ideal is just not compatible with human nature.

    Posted by: bobmac
  • One word: wealth.

  • This or non-rampant, heavily regulated capitalism. I say Communism in this instance as compared to our current capitalist system.

  • Communism is seen as idealist & consequently unattainable ideology. Capitalism is seen as an ideology which has flaws but is supported through pragmatic. Churchill's known for claiming capitalism is the best out of a bad barrel, however, he had strong ties to imperialist history as the prime minister of Britain and therefore believed in sovereignty and domination of 'worthy' states. Point being, the idea that the default ideology that can keep the world going being capitalism is a myth continuously reiterated in order to keep previously established structures in place. Capitalism ensures that there will always be some form of the global south left in poverty and less progressive positions so that corporations can create profit. This obviously is a very condensed & watered down, but I just thought I'd shed light on a few communist advantages in the discussion because it seems pretty pro capitalism and very anti communist.

  • It can do away with all class systems. In a communist government, no one is royalty, and everybody has equal access to health, education and food. The country’s resources are that of the state, which is governed by a group of individuals who represent the entire mass. As previously stated, the entire population owns everything that is there, excluding personal belongings. Basically, the concept of communism makes sure that everyone is peacefully living their lives, without fearing any ruling elites or upper class. Simply put, this form of government ensures the welfare of all people with favor and fear for none. 2. It can dramatically decrease unemployment rates. When all members of society are able to contribute and work, there will naturally be a drop in the unemployment rate. This will also lead to a decrease in crime, as no person is coerced to commit an illegal offense to make sure his bills are paid and his family is fed. Instead, he will have the peace of mind that comes along the knowledge that there will always be plenty of work opportunities. For peasants, they will no longer fear a lessened economic status as long as they are willing to go to work every day and perform their duties. In a communist country, there is only a few social gaps to speak of. 3. It provides citizens with all their basic needs. Communist nations make sure that even the poorest will always have food on their tables, get quality education and have access to basic healthcare. When it comes to employment, communism promises jobs for everybody, where they get access to equal opportunities. The hire-and-fire system that is common all over the world does not exist and is not allowed to exist in this political system. 4. It puts dictators in power. Do not misunderstand, as what is meant here is that a communist country tends to have dictators whose will is imposed on the citizens and who often see themselves as benevolent dictators, putting people’s interests first. Though this is debatable, as many dictators live in luxurious accommodation and have far much more in their lives than most of the population, it is important to note that society owns everything and more money is invested in services that everyone uses. Therefore, health and educational systems are always accessible, which means ordinary people can receive medical care and study when they need it. 5. It paves the way for a strong and safe country. Because everyone is equal and there is no social disharmony, standards of living are the same. Also. The government is firmly in control and laws and foreign policies are strict, so crime rates are just low. A communist government thinks of the country’s population when decisions are made, which allows no favor for any individual. 6. Education Is Easily Accessible One of the easiest ways to ensure a class-less society is to break down the barriers of education. In a capitalist society, it is typically only the very wealthy who have access to high level secondary education, which only serves to widen the divide between the upper and lower classes. In communist nations, this is no longer a worry. Since every child is given the same level of educational opportunity, the divide between classes shrinks until it is essentially nonexistent. Children who are able to go to the school of their choice are also far less likely to drop out and join the workforce at a young age. 7. Everyone Can Receive Health Care Unlike capitalist countries like America that restrict health care access to those with the most wealth and influence, communist nations allow of their citizens to receive the medical attention that they need, typically free of cost. When ordinary citizens are able to get the health care that they need, this is a huge boon to the development of a nation. Instead of losing members of the workforce to illness, disease or easily prevented disorders, a communist nation is able to maximize and mobilize its workers. Free and easily accessible health care eliminates one of the many excuses that the unmotivated proletariat has at their disposal. Removing the idea of turning a profit takes away a hospital’s incentive to turn away those who are truly in need of help.

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LibertarianJames says2014-07-23T22:03:31.9866696-05:00
@Conservative101: Communism is not a state system, but an economic and social one. You can't prove that something doesn't work when one has never put the thought into practice.
Conservative101 says2014-07-23T22:04:30.9719518-05:00
Yes it's been put into practice. It's called the Soviet Union.
LibertarianJames says2014-07-23T22:06:37.0153418-05:00
The Soviet Union was barely communist. Karl Marx defined communism as a "stateless, classless, moneyless society where the workers organize themselves rather than others" Stalin even stated once in a speech that his nation was not communist. In fact, the Quaker Communities were the best examples of communism that the world will ever receive.
LibertarianJames says2014-07-23T22:08:08.0963793-05:00
"Finally, when all capital, all production, all exchange have been brought together in the hands of the nation, private property will disappear of its own accord, money will become superfluous, and production will so expand and man so change that society will be able to slough off whatever of its old economic habits may remain." Principals of Communism, Frederick Engels 1847
Conservative101 says2014-07-23T22:16:11.0760146-05:00
There is also China, Cuba, Laos, North Korea, and Vietnam - plus other countries who have in the past been communist.
leonitus2464 says2014-07-23T22:19:33.3633459-05:00
Even if its never been implemented (which it has) its nothing more than wishful thinking it would end in disaster because a classless society is impossible.
Preston says2014-07-24T11:51:09.7130778-05:00
@libertarian Another example you can use is African villages
LibertarianJames says2014-07-24T11:56:53.2184718-05:00
@Preston: Quakers tho. Engels loved the Quakers
Preston says2014-07-24T13:00:41.8060437-05:00
Snikrot says2014-07-27T20:38:04.1923289-05:00
Neither work, capitalism needs more resources AND more people per generation to hold everything together, the world collapsing, it's simple as that.
Preston says2014-07-29T07:27:20.3803070-05:00
@Snikrot so why is the global market increasing in size, poverty rate dropping, standard of living rising, and technology developing at the fastest its ever been. The capitalist United States is and will be for atleast 50 more years, the worlds super power.
debate_power says2014-07-30T17:37:50.7757646-05:00
@Preston not fifty years, if nothing changes in the government.
debate_power says2014-07-30T17:38:44.7629455-05:00
@Preston In fact, if no TRUE reforms are passed, then our country will probably collapse altogether fifty years from now.
christhimself says2015-01-28T18:27:33.2313006-06:00
Neither. Both are mythical Ideologies.

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