Capitalist societies are more likely to have an obese population

Posted by: russian_metaphor_man

  • True

  • False

78% 7 votes
22% 2 votes
  • Statistically speaking, The most obese nations are Capitalist countries, but its not because of Capitalism.

  • Because all the socialist ones are starving.

  • We can afford it. Suck it, everyone else.

  • If one of your issues with capitalism is that they have too much access to the food that capitalism provided, then your ideology is flawed.

  • of course. the food and medical industries benefit greatly from getting people addicted to junk. there is a reason why the cheapest food is also the most harmful to your body (and rich in calories)

  • I am not convinced of a direct link between obesity and capitalism (I have no love of capitalism). A more compelling argument could be made that mature societies tend to create obesity (and ones with a high degree of mechanization and/or dependence/control of the production, resources and labour of immature or emerging societies).

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russian_metaphor_man says2015-07-14T17:11:44.3526213-05:00
@Krampus: shut your filthy capitalist mouth scum bag!
Krampus says2015-07-15T06:34:13.9711938-05:00
@russian_metaphor_man: lol I can't/won't shut my capitalist mouth! I have to leave it open to be able to shove down this excess of food that is provided from living in a capitalistic society!

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