• Captain america for the win

  • Iron man for the win

58% 15 votes
42% 11 votes

  • Cap is a top-notch soldier with a strong heart and mind, loyalty, arguably unrivaled bravery, and hope for the world- known because of his heroic actions. Cap EARNED his way into becoming a superhero- not because he wanted to be one, but because he wanted to better the world by using his gifts. IM/ Tony Stark is a playboy with a few dollars and a couple PhD's to his name- known because his name is on a couple skyscrapers. IM/ Tony Stark more-or-less just decided to be a superhero because he thought "why the hell not" after murdering a bunch of terrorists out of vengeance over his friend. He didn't earn anything- everything was given to him by his parents. Cap v. Iron Man? Easy win.

  • Captian America don't need no fake ass Iron Suit

  • captain america already beat iron man in the movie captain america: Civil war

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Braedon says2018-05-10T17:50:56.7944324Z
The facts is, they already fought and iron man won just because of his suit. He just hides in there. Cap is actually strong.

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