Captain America or Iron Man?

Posted by: adia

Who is the better superhero?

  • Captain America

  • Iron Man

62% 42 votes
38% 26 votes
  • Shield is amazing

  • Cap'Merca forever and ever and ever.

    Posted by: adia
  • nigga cold

  • The first avenger!!

  • Billionaire with a suite of armour, or working class hero who serves his country? I will take the latter

  • At least he deserves to be a superhero who used to be a weak and scrawny kid. But Iron man... he has a nice dad...

  • Better morals

    Posted by: gabep
  • I gotta side w/ Cap, But Downey Jr is more fun to watch and does a better job w/ his character

  • Cap is too good.

  • Captain America just needs to damage his suit, which he can easily with his enhanced speed and strength, and Tony Stark would be toast.

  • Captain America is the moral compass of the Avengers, he fights for what's right and he even goes against the government to protect what's in the right interests of the people. He's a true patriotic hero and symbol of what good people can be. Iron Man is my favorite Avenger but despite Tony's intelligence he (in my opinion) doesn't know how to do the right thing when it gets hard and comes to disastrous solutions


  • of course C.M. he's the captain.

    Posted by: genji
  • yesssssssssssssss

  • Billionaire Stud Muffin Extraordinaire.

  • HE CAN FLY HE CAN FLY HE CAAAN FLYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! Oh wait.... That Peter Pan.... *Quietly Walks Away*

  • Genius, Playboy, Billionaire? No contest.

  • Iron man can hire Deadpool and make him do all the dirty work, also he has Black Widdow, Black Pather and all the kool dudes Cap who has he got? No-one but Hawk

  • hulk buster suit... it would kick captain americas ass. Also what about the iron legion? Tony blew up all of his suits but he still has some, so it would be 2 (or more) on 1

  • Tony stark has the brains, and he is a SELF MADE SUPERHERO, and he EMBODIES THE AMERICAN DREAM because he is self made

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markus_123 says2016-02-03T19:04:52.3826534Z
Capn merca
bigmanbut says2016-02-03T19:54:25.6160882Z
Captin amaraca
the_monster says2016-02-03T20:09:26.1647786Z
Flickitfar says2016-02-07T01:32:16.6689594Z
Overall, I side w/ cap. But actor & character combo, Downey Jr/Tony Stark out does Chris Evans/Steve Rodgers all day long
ladiesman says2017-02-01T05:39:37.5093848Z
I agree with everything Darksith8 said. Captain America has no agenda of his own, he just wants to do the right thing. I side with Steve on the Sokovia Accords.

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