• Iron Man

  • Captain America

50% 19 votes
50% 19 votes
  • i prefer the villains!

  • Okay okay. . . . How on earth can cap be better than tony. . . . . . . Iron Man has been the most key figure in the MCU. . . . Saving NY from the chitauri attack. . . . . Almost sacrificing his life. . . . . . . He has way better techs than cap and most probably one of the best suits in the MCU

  • Tony is literally a normal man (physically) except with a super cool suit and time and time again he proves that he is more than just a suit and he can be super without powers. Captain language is just a old man with a shield

  • I chose Iron Man because Iron Man has dealt with the law more than Captain America and he knows how well everything runs.

  • why not honestly

  • Captain america is just a project of human while iron man developed a technology which makes him more powerful than captain American and is no part of any experiment

    Posted by: Waqass
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ladiesman says2018-11-10T17:49:08.9154097Z
In Civil War, I am Team Cap. Tony only supports the Accords because of his guilt about Ultron, But his guilt is his and his alone. He was arrogantly attempting to impose his personal guilt on the rest of the team. Tony, Rhodes and Vision are assuming the United Nations will make wise, Well-informed decisions, But their track record is poor. Steve realistically points out that if the Avengers were to sign the Accords, They sacrifice their autonomy and the government can and will exploit them like Winter Soldiers.
ladiesman says2018-11-11T22:42:28.2997104Z
@SuperBackFire Tony Stark may be wealthier and more technological than Steve, But his ego is a whole lot bigger.
ladiesman says2018-11-12T02:10:30.0479590Z
@SuperBackFire And additionally, Tony may have saved New York from becoming a nuclear wasteland, But in response to his near-death experience, He made the mistake of creating Ultron, Which backfired horribly.
triskelion47 says2018-11-13T16:25:58.0711540Z
@ladiesman how is Cap's decision to not tell Tony about his parents wise and moral? I mean that's what literally started the fight.
ladiesman says2018-11-14T18:54:21.3288846Z
@triskelion47 Captain America is not perfect, He said so himself, But he has much less of an ego than Tony does. And witholding what he knew about Tony's parents started the brief fight at the end, Not the conflict over the Accords.

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