• Jack Harkness

  • Jack Sparrow

26% 5 votes
74% 14 votes
  • Who doesn't want an immortal person with a time travel watch?

  • Captain Jack Harkness is so damn charismatic that he can get almost anyone to go out with him, even if they don't think they want to. And he's an immortal time traveler who doesn't regenerate, he just comes back to life. One step away from being a Time Lord, y'all.

  • An (almost) immortal time traveler who will flirt with pretty much anything? Sign me up!

  • CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow...

  • idk why i just like jack spearow, and he is a very lucky man.

  • He's got rum, so of course I'll go for my man, Sparrow! Wait- why is the rum gone!? Well, at least he has a enchanted compass- except- it just points to the burning bottles of rum- Now that I think about it- maybe I haven't thought this through.

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